Laser Measurements

Laser sensors are used to gauge distances and take measurements. Among the industries that avail of them are metal works, medical facilities and many others.

Laser Measurement: Acuity AR200 Laser Sensor

The AR200 group sensors are designed for use in extreme industrial environments. AR200-6M, -12M, -25M and -50M ranges are in millimeters, matching the model number. The resolution is 0.03% by the entire measurement span.

The four models span the metric measurement from 6 to 50 mm. The distance is gauged by projecting a Class 2 visible laser on the target. The commands of these laser sensors can be customized through a computer.

The sensor has a 4-20 mA signal, two limit switches and 0-10 V signal. The output can be selected using the push buttons or via the software. All the sensors are equipped with a RS-232 serial output set on a 6 ft cable.

Laser Measurement: AccuRange 600

The AccuRange 600 series consist of triangulating laser displacement sensors for accurate measuring. The spans to measure are 0.125 in (3.125 mm) to 50 in (1.27m). The measurements are done using triangulation measurement principles.

This makes the unit ideal for use on objects with low sensitivity. The measurement is done by setting a laser beam on the object to be measured. The reflected light is seen from an angle (via a CMOS scan cam). The pixel data is used to calculate the distance. The thickness gauging is done by aiming lasers at the target’s sides.

Laser Measurement: Acuity AR700

The Acuity AR700 laser distance gauge has speeds reaching 9400 Hz and comes with resolution as low as 1/6th of a micrometer. The unit is small, measuring only 1 x 2 x 3" (25 x 50 x 75 mm).

The 9400 distance can be generated in a second. The unit also has a Trigger Mode to allow users to initiate sampling utilizing the hardware triggers.

This trigger is ideal for synchronizing several sensors. When the hardware trigger is used, the speed is 4500 Hz. The sensors can specify 0.005% for all models in the AR700 class. There is no need for an external controller. An amplifier is also not necessary. Each sensor has a sensor head and 6 ft of cable.

Laser Measurement: AccuRange 1000

The AccuRange 1000 utilizes different measuring methods. Unlike other products, they make use of phase-shift comparison measurement principles, designed to make precise calculations.

The unit measures 5 frequencies of released light to produce an accurate measurement. The unit can measure 0.1 to 30 m (~100 feet) with no need for reflective targets.

The device can also measure opaque surfaces. The precision is up to +/-2.5 mm. For faraway objects, reflective material must be used. The AR1000 employs a Class 2 visible laser diode.

The laser beam spot is 5 mm. The divergence is .6 milliradians. The measurement sensor comes with RS232 serial interface for use on a personal computer.

The laser measurement capabilities of these sensors vary greatly. The one that must be used will depend on the industry and what the object being measured is.

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