Drill Size Chart

A drill size chart can be helpful, but there are actually several factors that make up for a quality drill. Aside from obvious factors like drill sizeweight and compactness, the following need to be considered also.

All about Sizes

The size is determined in relation to the scale of the chuck. The smallest one is ¼ in. While it’s cheap, the size limits its functionality. The 3/8 in is the most widely used. This size allows the drill to take in a bit 3/8 in diameter.

The ½ inch is suited for large scale tasks. There are actually a lot of other measurements, but these are the most common and will suit a lot of home related projects.

Cordless vs. Electric

Besides the drill size, drills are also distinguished by their power source. The cordless ones are battery powered. The volts range from 9.6 to 36. Higher voltage means it can perform harder tasks. On one hand, it’s portable so you can work anywhere.

The drawback is that you need to have a battery charger with you when the power runs out. The electric drill has the advantage of continuous use. The problem is that you can’t move around due to the cord.

Types of Drills

Most home users will be content with the standard drill/driver. Whichever drill size you use, the unit will usually do the job right. Just look for those with varying torque. Some models also come with clutches that can be modified.

For drilling in hard to reach corners or studs, an angle drill will be needed. A hammer drill is similar to a drill/driver except it can perform hammering actions while drilling.

Impact drivers are similar to a drill/driver except they’re very quick and come with internal hammering. They’re best used for drilling in tight spots and fastening screws and bolts.

Shopping Tips

The first thing you should look for is a drill with a firm chuck. The chuck should fasten on to the bit so it doesn’t fall off. Drill size aside, a smart charger is essential. If you use the cordless variant, the charger should inform you how quickly it’s proceeding.

It should also have an auto turn off function when the charging is finished. Other features you’ll want to look for are fans or trickle change. The latter is used to prolong battery life.

New portable batteries also make use of lithium ion battery. This packs more power in the drill but weighs less. Remember that cordless drills are measured in volts (the higher the volts the more powerful the drill). The electric drills are measured in amps; higher amps mean more power.

The design is important too. Hold the device in your hand. Does it feel comfortable? Also look at the layout. The controls should be within easy reach. Other features you may like are keyless chuck, reverse action and a second handle.

The drill size is but one aspect you must contemplate before buying. You’ll end up with a usable and dependable drill if you take the above-mentioned guidelines into consideration.

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