How Big is a Table Saw?


There are many table saw sizes to choose from. Many compact table saws are ten inches long. Other larger units (12 inches or more) are also available for heavy duty use. 

Facts about the Table Saw

This is a tool used in a variety of woodworking applications. Various components are included, but the most important is the circular saw blade. This blade is geared to an arbor and powered by a motor. The goal of the table saw is simple: to slice various kinds of wood into assorted sizes and shapes. 

Types of Table Saws 

Aside from the different table saw sizes, the tools are divided into three types: the portable saw, constructor’s saw and cabinet saw. The portable saws are the cheapest, but they are limited to small scale cutting tasks. 

The constructor’s saw is the most widely used. It is a fixture in most woodworking shops. The cabinet saw is the most powerful. It can handle large cutting jobs thanks to the powerful motor. These tools are very precise but they are also costly. 


Tools can be set on the table saw to aid in cutting. A sliding crosscut sled will produce accurate cuts. These are especially useful in forming picture frames. At the same time it boosts the crosscutting accuracy. 

For large scale work, extension tables will be necessary. With an extension cable, sheets measuring 4-by-8 feet (1.2-by-2.4 meters) and bigger can be worked on. Other accessories may be connected to the standard table saw to improve its capabilities. 

Industrial Table Saws

These are used to cut bigger pieces of wood. The higher it is set at the table, the more deeply the blade can slice the wood. If shallow cuts are preferred, the saw should be set lower on the table. Most industrial table saws are capable of slicing wood at close tolerances. 

The Fence 

The fence is used as a guide for cutting the wood. Because the wood is against the fence, a straight cut will be produced. The fence does not help power wise, but it is a crucial measuring guide. This allows for quicker and more accurate work. Needless to say, the material used will play a role. But the fence will be equally important. 

Regardless of the table saw size you use, several safety tips and guidelines have to be kept in mind. Always wear goggles when using the tool so debris don’t get in your eyes. Make sure the fence is adjusted properly too. 

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