Kitchen Stove Dimensions

There are many types of kitchen stoves out there, each with their own unique features. One of the things you need to check out is the size, especially if available room is restricted.

Dimensions of a Kitchen Stove: the Coleman One Burner Sporter II

The Sporter II measures 6.44-inches by 7.25-inches by seven-inches. The unit has a 10,500 BTU burner with a burn time of 1.75 hrs at high. At low the burn time is 6.5 hours. The Sporter II can boil 1 quart of water in 4 minutes.

The power is provided by unleaded gas or the Coleman Fuel. The stove is portable and designed for use in camping trips. The stove can also be used when fishing or hiking. Although portable, the unit is powerful enough it can cook up to three crabs. The Sporter II is designed to work under different weather conditions.

Dimensions of a Kitchen Stove: the Camp Chef Professional Series TB-90LW

The Camp Chef Professional Series TB-90LW measures 17.75 inches by 38.5 inches by 9.5 inches. It has a 608 sq inch cooking surface, ideal for extensive cooking. The stove has a nickel plated top and can be used for cooking indoors or outdoors.

The BTU is 90,000. It has a 3 sided windscreen and a couple of easy carry handles to make it easier to transport. The griddle is high so the food stays in place. The griddle is also non-stick. The burners can generate heat quickly but the controls permit setting it to just warm.

Dimensions of a Kitchen Stove: the Bayou Classic 1114

The Bayou Classic 1114 has a 16 x 16 inch cooking surface and comes with a 13 inch high stainless steel frame. The dimensions mean it is good for up to a 120 quart pot. The Bayou Classic 1114 has a UL-listed 20 PSI regulator and a hose measuring 48 inches.

The unit is designed for use outdoors, with the flame intended for large pots. The stove is designed to be used with a 20 lb LP gas cylinder. To ensure the best performance, the pot to be used must be at least ten inches in diameter.

However this won’t be necessary if a wire grill is installed. The two rings enable quick adjustments from simmering to high heat.

Dimensions of a Kitchen Stove: the Frigidaire FEF336EC Electric Range

The FEF336EC electric range measures 36 x 30 x 25 inches (H x W x D). The unit has the Smoothtouch Backguard design and the cooking surface is ceramic. Other features are 1 – 8", 1 – 9" and 2 – 6" radiant elements.

There are two oven racks and it comes with an oversized window. Other features include the manufacturer’s Vari-broil, EasySet 100 controls, 2600W bake and 3000W broil. There is also a storage drawer equipped with the manufacturer’s Ultrasoft handle.

If available space is limited, the dimensions of a kitchen stove will be vital. There are many variants to choose from so you should be able to get one that matches your needs and budget.

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