Garage Door Dimensions

There are many garage door dimensions, but knowing the standards used can be very helpful if you are ordering or creating one.

Standard Depth

The depth is usually at least 6.89 feet. This is necessary for the door to function properly.


The standard is from 8 to 18 feet. Of course this will also depend on the building code in your area. It also hinges on how many vehicles you plan to store there. A double car garage should be about 16 feet wide. For a single car, a width of 9 feet is sufficient.


Majority of these doors have a height of 7 feet. This height is suitable for a mini van, truck or jeep. All pre-made doors are 7 ft tall. If you need a higher door, you need to have it custom built.

More about Garage Door Dimensions

Golf cart doors are available in the following sizes: 6 by 8 feet, 5 by 8 feet, 6 by 7 feet and 5 by 7 feet. Combinations of these sizes are also available.

If you are looking for single car doors, you will probably come across these sizes: 10 by 8 feet, 9 by 8 feet, 8 by 8 feet and 10 by 7 feet. There are also 9 by 7 feet and 8 by 7 feet available.

The double car doors are available in a variety of sizes. These include 18 by 8 feet, 12 by 7 feet, 16 by 8 feet, 14 by 7 feet, 14 by 8 feet, 16 by 7 feet and 12 by 8 feet. Most companies will sell them at shorter heights. But the widths cannot be changed.

Other Information

Note that not all companies have 7 ft 3 in doors. This has to do with the way doors are set up. The 18 foot wide doors are only available in areas without high winds. If you want to order one, check the building codes first. The features of these doors also vary. You should consult the dealer first before ordering.

Remember that the width is always provided first followed by the height. If you are not certain about the size you need, ask the dealer. They will be able to provide a free estimate. The dealer will also inform you of the options that are available.

The garage door dimensions stated should fit your needs. Just be certain the door is made from quality materials.

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