What is the Size of a Car Battery?

In order to determine what is the size of a car battery, refer to the owner’s manual of your car. Look for the manufacturer’s specifications for the battery. To be specific, look for the battery group size, which will come in the form of a short code comprised of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers.

Consult an auto parts store professional and give him your car’s year, make and model so that he can look up the right battery group size for your vehicle. Check your current car battery’s labeling to see if the manufacturer had originally installed it at their factory. The battery group size is often printed either on the top of the battery or on its side, along with the battery’s warranty and cold cranking amps.

Make a call or drop by the parts and service department of the car dealer that sells the make of your car. Their staff would be knowledgeable regarding your car’s model, and they will easily be able to verify what is the right car battery size appropriate for your car.

There are 5 general kinds of car battery group sizes for various kinds of cars. It should always be noted that each car has a different battery tray, and while a small battery can be fitted into a big battery tray, a big battery will not be able fit into a small tray.

The first battery group size is Car Battery Size 75, which is among the most common batteries used by a majority of cars, particularly those manufactured by GM (General Motors). Other cars in this group size include the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC.

The second battery group size is Car Battery Size 65. This particular battery size is usually for larger sized vehicles like the Lincoln and Mercury cars, as well as for Ford trucks.

Next is Car Battery Size 35, which is mostly used for Japanese-manufactured cars. These include Suzuki, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. However, there are some European cars that use this battery size as well, such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, and the mid-size Mercedes-Benz.

Car Battery Size 34 is mostly used for Chrysler cars. Finally, Car Battery Size 34/78 is likewise designed for some Chrysler cars, as well as for some GM cars. Size 34/78 batteries are characterized by having 2 sets of terminals, a positive (+) terminal at the right hand side, and a negative (-) terminal at the left hand side.

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