How Big is IKEA?

The largest retailer of furniture in the world, IKEA was established in IKEASweden by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The firm is known for introducing flat-pack furniture at low prices. The company operates retail stores in different continents, namely Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. To improve its market, the company offers products through its website. One of the latest initiatives of the firm is to introduce environmental measures in the stores that it operates. To know more about the company, let us look at the total number of employees as well as the number of stores managed by IKEA.

The Size of IKEA

How big is IKEA? For the fiscal year 2009, the number of people working for the firm reached 123,000. For the same year, the company announced that its total revenue amounted to 22,713 million pounds. In August 2009, the firm operated 301 stores in different countries.

Most of the stores operated by the firm have similar architecture and design. The stores have yellow accents as well as few windows. For the benefits of consumers, the stores have special area where damaged and returned items are offered at very low prices. In addition, the chains managed by IKEA are popular for the long operating hours. Most of the stores are open 24 hours a day, while the others usually open at eight in the morning and close at midnight.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

For the convenience as well as comfort of customers, IKEA stores feature food markets and restaurants. Most stores that have restaurants open the dining areas before the stores open. To lure customers, the restaurants sell inexpensive breakfasts. For those who want to have breakfasts at restaurants in the IKEA stores in Canada, they can enjoy a sumptuous and satisfying breakfast for as low as $1. In Australia, the usual breakfasts cost AUD $2.50.

Some of the products available at IKEA are pre-assembled furniture, flat-pack houses and mobile phones. The store is popular for selling the Family Mobile. This product is a virtual mobile phone system that can be used by families. The company is also known for selling bookcase ranges, dining sets, beds, wall decorations, lightings, kitchen utensils and garden furniture.

To get discounts and to increase its consumer network, the company provides loyalty cards to consumers. The cards can be availed without charge. These are used to get discounts on different items. The loyalty cards are available at IKEA stores in different countries like Portugal, Great Britain, Sweden and Netherlands.

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