Reflector Floodlights Dimensions


Reflector floodlights sizes are about 5 inches long, but some are two to three inches long. However, the floodlights come in different styles and shapes. The mount of some reflector floodlights can add to its length. 


Many floodlights can be used indoors or outdoors. Most of the time, floodlights are designed for use outside. The bright lights can light large areas and can provide homes with some level of security. The floodlight can be utilized in commercial buildings and also residential homes. 


The HID (high-intensity discharge) is one of the most widely used floodlights today. In terms of size they are comparable to the reflector floodlights size. These floodlights utilize an internal ballast to make an electric arc into the bulb. This is how light is generated. 

The traditional fluorescent bulbs are utilized in some floodlights. They have mercury gas. When exposed to electricity they get hot. It is the mercury that generates phosphorescent coating on the bulb. This generates the light. 

Another type used is the low pressure sodium light. These have sodium vapor instead of mercury. The quartz halogen bulbs have halogen gas. This type can also be employed for floodlights. 

Lifespan and Efficiency

More than the reflector floodlight size, it is the lifespan that is most important. The HID lights have the longest lifespan and 90% more effective than the incandescent lights. Their long lifespan means fewer replacements. 

Aside from the lifespan, halogen lights are noted for being bright. The fluorescent bulbs are inexpensive. Sodium lighting is also very energy efficient. 

The HID and the sodium lighting take a few minutes to warm up after it is turned on. For this reason, some find the HID lights unsuitable for motion sensors. 

One of the problems with sodium lights is that it has a yellowish hue, which some people don’t like. The fluorescent bulbs have a short lifespan. For this reason they need to be maintained and replaced regularly. 

Other Ways to Use Floodlights

Floodlights can also be used in parking lots, highways and even garages. The floodlights are used in sports when they take place at night. These floodlights are also utilized in assembly halls and auditoriums. 

The reflector floodlight size has to be considered, but more so is the lifespan and quality of the light. By making sure that the floodlight has the quality you need, it will be able to perform the task you want. 

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