How Big is a Beach Cart?

There are several beach cart sizes that have appeared in the market. Some of the models measure 29 x 17.2 x 4 inches. Other carts have dimensions of 32 x 20 x 4 inches and 24 x 15 x 4 inches.

Which Size is Right?

If you are going to the beach alone or with another person, the small ones will be sufficient. If you are bringing the family or friends along, get a big one.


As the name suggests, these carts are used to haul beach gear. Going to the beach is fun, but carrying a lot of gear can be a real hassle. That is what the cart is for. Many of these products have all-terrain wheels. It means they can roll not just on sand but also on concrete and even grass.

The wheels are pneumatic and flexible. This helps distribute sizeable loads over a wide area. Properly designed, the wheels will not sink in the beach sand. They are built from polyurethane plastic so they can withstand punctures.

Cooler Storage

One of the most important features of these carts is the cooler compartment. The capacity varies depending on the beach cart sizes. Some can hold a 32 quart cooler while others can contain larger coolers. If you want to enjoy some cool drinks while getting a tan, this is the first feature to check.

Cart Space

Cart dimensions determine how many other accessories it can carry. Almost all of them have room for beach umbrellas, swimsuits, blankets and towels. Many have room for towels and beach chairs. The difference is in the numbers. Some carts can carry only two beach chairs, but others have room for four. Make sure the cart is sturdy so it can carry all your stuff.

These carts are not just suitable for the beach. Many can double up as a firewood carrier, laundry tote or even a grocery cart.


Read the cart capacity. The good ones can carry 50 lbs or more. Some of the really big ones can hold up to 600 lbs. Be careful you do not go over the weight limits or it will buckle and break down.

The large beach cart sizes are great for storing your gear. But the cart should not be too heavy. A heavy cart can be difficult to push once it is full. A foldable cart will save space when it is not in use.

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