Dimensions of a Half Court Basketball

Whether played on a full-court or a half-court setting, basketball remains one of the most entertaining, exciting and enjoyable sports today. The court is subdivided into different sections including the perimeter, the three-point line as well as the center circle. Aside from these, the other important sections are the restricted area arc, the key and the low post area. Besides these all-important details, it is interesting to find out the dimensions of a half court basketball.

Half Court Basketball Dimensions

Although the width stays the same when a basketball court is cut in half, its length will be cut in half as well. For example, the 94-feet length of a standard court in the National Basketball Association or NBA will be reduced to only 47 feet long. Expect the same length for the basketball courts used in the Men’s NCAA and the WNBA, both of which are patterned from the NBA. However, the size of the half court in the Women’s NCAA is only 42 feet long, which is actually half of its standard full-length court of 84 feet. For FIBA basketball courts wherein the full-court length is 91.86 feet, the length of a half court is only about 45.93 feet.

Since the court is only cut in half, the same width remains for all types of courts. For the NBA, the WNBA as well as the Men’s NCAA and the Women’s NCAA, the width of a half court is still 50 feet. For FIBA, the width of its half court will remain 49.21 feet.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Without a doubt, basketball remains exciting, fun and challenging to play even within a half-court setting. Although fewer players are involved, the action, fun and excitement that only traditional basketball can bring are still the same. When the game is played in a half-court, only one goal or hoop is necessary. Because of this, it becomes essential for players to clear the ball whenever there is a change in ball possession. This way, the game becomes more organized, easier to play as well as easier to determine one team from the other.

Although the rules are basically the same as full-court basketball, expect slight variations. In some half-court games, players need to clear the ball after every defensive rebound. This means that after the offensive attempt of the opposing team is rebounded, the ball must be brought outside the three-point line just to reset the ball possession. It indicates that a team is now in control of the offensive possession. In some versions of half-court games, it is not necessary to clear the ball.

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