Bolt Cutter Dimensions

A bolt cutter is a device used for cutting hard objects and materials. Bolt cutter sizes vary depending on the manufacturer’s design. Some are a foot long with others measuring 14 inches or longer. The cutting capacity also varies. Some have capacities of 3/16 in while others have greater capacities.

How to Utilize Bolt Cutters

Step 1

Turn the set screw so the blades join up when the handles are eight inches distant.

Step 2

Grab the handles with your hands. The cutters must face forward. Position the cutters so the target will be sliced in the center in-between the blades.

Step 3

Push the sides together. The force that must be applied will vary depending on the bolt cutter size. With sufficient pressure, the object will be sliced through. If it doesn’t work, repeat it. Position the bolt cutters at the notch you made with the first try.

How to Adjust Bolt Cutters

If the cutter won’t work, some adjustments may be needed. Follow these steps.

Step 1

Place the bolt cutters on its side. The black hexagonal top should face up. This is the eccentricity bolt, located at the base of the bolt cutters’ head where the handles meet up.

Step 2

Use a crescent wrench to loosen up the eccentricity belt. Turn it in a counterclockwise manner. There‘s no need to remove the belt; just make it loose enough for the bolt cutter’s jaw halves to slacken.

Step 3

Grip the bolt cutter handles shut. Put a sheet of paper between the bolt cutter jaws and make the eccentricity belt tighter. This is done by turning it clockwise. Keep doing this until the jaws press the paper.


Examine the cutter first before using it so you can make the adjustments early.

Make sure you are applying the cutter on the appropriate target. Majority of bolt cutters can be used for such objects as padlocks and chain link fences. Heavier locks will require more powerful bolt cutters. If the chain is hard, hold the cutters tight and twist it back and forth. This can work for locks also.


Some bolt cutters can be used with electrical wires but others cannot. Check the product guide before attempting to do so; it could dangerous.

The bolt cutter sizes and strength should be assessed before the tool is purchased. You don’t want to end up with a tool that is too weak for the job at hand.

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