How Big is an Ice Cream Scoop?

Ice cream is arguably the most popular dessert in the world. People of all ages love this sweet concoction which usually contains dairy ingredients, fruits and other flavorings plus sugar or sugar substitutes.

Kids particularly love ice cream and they can consume several scoops of ice cream in one sitting. How big is an ice cream scoop anyway that kids can have several of these at a time?

Ice Cream Scoop Sizes

There actually is no standard ice cream scoop size. What you will notice is that some ice cream shops have bigger scoops than others while a few others still, have really small portions.

“How big is an ice cream scoop?” therefore cannot be answered by one standard specification.

Big-sized scoops are generally size numbers 8 and 6 and “How big is an ice cream scoop?” in this regard ranges between four ounces and four and two-thirds ounces, respectively.

Meanwhile, scooper size numbers 12 and 10 can yield three ounces and three and three-fourths ounces of ice cream.

For “How big is an ice cream scoop?” with scooper numbers 20 and 16, scoop measurements are approximately two and one-half ounces and two and three-fourths ounces.

Smaller Scoops

There are likewise smaller-sized scoops that are available and these generally yield ice cream scoops that are a little over an ounce down to less than an ounce of ice cream.

“How big is an ice cream scoop?” for scooper size numbers 30 and 24 are around one and one-fourth ounces and one and three-fourths ounces, respectively.

Finally, the smallest scoops in the lot are sizes 70 and 40. These give you about half an ounce and seven-eighths of an ounce.

From all of the above scooper sizes, you will see that there is not one specific standard ice cream scoop portion. The portions basically depend on the ice cream store as well as individual preferences.

These scoops are not only good for ice cream. These are also usually used for scooping portions of mashed potatoes and even rice.

Scoops are available in most kitchen essentials shops, both online and offline. If you wish to view various scoops and the sizes they come in, the most convenient place to check these out is the internet.

You can find a wide variety of scoops online and apart from getting more information about the sizes and the portions that they yield; you can likewise purchase your preferred scooper right online.

Some shops even offer these in sets of two, three or more and at discounted rates, too; so you can get several sizes at lower costs as compared to getting different sizes separately.

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