How Big is a 1/4 Sheet Cake

A sheet cake is a rectangular shaped cake that is usually found in many bakeries, grocery stores, and supermarkets. It is a ready-made cake waiting for any individual who may need it for just about any occasion. A sheet cake can also be baked at home in DIY fashion. It is about a very simple recipe that anyone who love to experiment with cakes and pastries would surely be able to do.
There are different sheet cake sizes. There’s a huge full sheet cake, the half sheet cake, and the quarter sheet cake. In this article, we will deal more about the quarter sheet cake and we’ll actually answer how big is a ¼ sheet cake.
The Quarter Sheet Cake
The name says it. A quarter sheet cake is one-fourth of a full sheet cake. It is the smallest size and can serve up to 20 guests.
Like any other sheet cake, the quarter sheet cake is baked in sheet pans, also called jellyroll pans. In can either come in a single layer or multiple layer variety and in many different flavors.
When talking about the sheet cake dimensions, you need to make it clear first, that sheet pans come in two different sizes. There are the commercial sheet pans and the home size sheet pans. The commercial pans are typically larger since most ovens at home cannot hold sheet pans as huge as the ones used in bakeries.
What Sheet Cakes are For?
Sheet cakes come in handy when you have a special event to attend to and you do not have a clue what to bring with you. Whether it is celebrating one’s birthday, graduation, anniversary, baptism, and whatnot or you are welcoming a baby into the family, such a feast would not be complete without a cake.
Sheet cakes also come in a nice option as a special occasion cake when you have barely time to prepare. You can just pick one on the nearby store, have it printed with your message, and go straight to the party. With much less effort, you can make a dear loved one’s party truly special.
Mostly, the advantage offered by sheet cakes is the amount of surface it offers for writing and decoration. If you have the time to bake one yourself, you may well do so and you will surely enjoy topping it with your chosen decorations.
To determine what size of sheet cake is best to feed the number of guests you are expecting, you just need to take note of how many you are actually expecting. A quarter sheet cake is ideal for a small group party with some family members and a few chosen friends.

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