Luxury Box Dimensions

When you overhear someone saying “luxury box dimensions,” that means that the person is talking about the size of a box, that is enclosed and used for sporting events in small and large stadiums.

Its Other Names

This type of box has a number of names. Aside from being called as a luxury box, it may also be referred to as a private box, a luxury suite, or a corporate box.

Its Sizes

There are many sizes of a luxury box.

You may find some with around 322 square feet or about 30 in square meters. The luxury box dimensions for these may be around 293 by 196 by 34 mm.

Others offer this corporate box for its seating capacity ranging from a sixteen-individual capacity to around 32-individual capacity. Others can accommodate a group of around sixteen to twenty guests. And there are also a number of luxury suites which can be suitable for a smaller group of around eight (8) to twenty seven (27) persons.
A number of these may have an average luxury box size of around 491 square feet.

There are also stadiums offering this with about 6500 for its permanent seats and around 5000 for its temporary seating accommodations.

You may also find that the number of luxury suites differ from one stadium to another. Some may have 86 luxury suites. Others may offer around 100 luxury suites.

Aside from these figures mentioned, there are still more available.

Its Uses

The main purpose of a luxury box is to provide a good view of certain sporting events in the stadiums where the competition is to be held. There are also other amenities that it offers, which are actually not open to a particular average fan of sports.

Affluent sports fans or those who could afford to get a luxury box such as corporate groups and such may find the rates pretty convenient even though it may be too steep for the average fan. Typically, small stadiums offer this for around ten thousand US dollars each year; large stadiums offer it for up to several millions in US dollars.

As aforementioned, this has several offers in its amenities. The offers may range from comfortable seating arrangements for thirty to forty people or more, bartender service, and the availability of a full bar. A leaser of the private box may also be entitled to private bathrooms instead of having to wait for hours at the regular bathrooms offered to most of the sports fans attending the event.

Aside from these things, catering is also provided. And a number of televisions in the luxury box are available for the leaser to watch the games and take note of the minute shots.

Even with various amenities offered, the choice of smaller or larger luxury box dimensions solely depends on the interested leaser looking for a more convenient and enjoyable view of the sporting games.

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