Welder Dimensions

Welding tools are numerous and their characteristics can be quite diverse. This overview can be used as a general guide for understanding a welding tool’s elements.

Welder Dimensions: Hobark / Weldmark Handler 125 and 140

The Handler 125 has a weld thickness of 18 ga – 3/16 in and the gun is 8 ft long. It has wire speed tracking with trigger activated arc. The duty cycle is 20% at 90 A. The welding amperage range is 30 – 125 A with an input voltage of 115 VAC. It has running gear options.

The Handler 140 gun length is 10 ft. The amperage range is 25 – 140 A and the input voltage is 115 VAC. The weld thickness is 24 ga – 1/4 in and the duty cycle is 20% at 9 A also. It is MIG ready and with trigger activated arc.

Welder Dimensions: Weldmark 187 and Ironman 210

The Weldmark 187 has a 25 – 180 A welding amperage range and the gun is 10 ft long. The input voltage is 230 VAC and the duty cycle is 30% at 130 A. The weld thickness is 24 ga – 5/16 in. It is MIG ready, trigger arc activated and with running gear options.

The Ironman 210 gun is 10 ft long with an amperage range of 30 – 210 A. The weld thickness is 22 ga – 3/8 in and the input voltage is 200/230 VAC. The running gear is built in. It is MIG ready and trigger arc activated.

Welder Dimensions: Millermatic 180

The Millermatic 180 has a 10 ft M-10 MIG gun and weighs 72 lbs. It has a 6 ft cord and a 10 ft cable. The duty cycle is 30% (single phase). The process is flux cored (FCAW), MIG (GMAW). The input AC voltage is 230V and the output DC voltage is 135.

It has the Infinite Voltage Control coupled with wire feed speed tracking. The feedhead is aluminum cast. It also has thermal overload protection. The device also has a resetting motor protector circuit. It can utilize four or eight in spools. There are also contact tips for the 024” and the 030" wires.

Welder Dimensions: Millermatic 252

The Millermatic 252 has a 15′ gun (250 amp MIG). It comes with a 10′ (3 m) work cable and 10’ power cord. The device also comes with an argon mix regulator and a running gear. There are 030/.035 in reversible drive rolls and contact tips. The process is flux cored with a single phase.

The duty cycle is 200 amps at 28VDC 60%. The input AC voltage is 208V – 230V and the output DC is 250. It weighs 250 lbs. The unit automatically senses the voltage. The Fan-On-Deman means the unit only functions when it is necessary. This limits the power consumption. There is also line voltage compensation. This keeps the power steady.

The welder dimensions and features specified are only a sampling of the many types currently available. Comparing other welders will give you greater insights into their other capabilities.

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