What Size is an Egg Blender?

As things get modern, our lives become easier. That is true in every sense.

Take for example the simple task of beating eggs. Before, we used to do this task with a fork on hand. You can get results from this but you definitely will have more options if you use an egg blender or egg beater instead.

More Options, More Work

An egg blender can do more tasks than a single fork can. While your fork is good enough in beating eggs for a scrambled egg recipe or for inclusion in any recipe of that requirement for that matter, it will be insufficient for whipping creams, mixing gravies, and blending batters. An egg blender can do all that and more in a fraction of the time.

But that’s not all. If you want to finish the task without sweating, you can also opt for an electric egg blender or egg beater. In this case, all you have to mind is what kind of consistency you need.

Oftentimes, however, a simple, manual egg blender or egg beater will do. Having it around your kitchen will make a lot of your tasks when preparing meals easier. Plus, it is very compact, easy-to-store, so you do not have to worry about keeping one in.

What size is an egg blender? The sizes vary from one unit to another, depending on the manufacturer, the style, and the brand. A standard egg blender, however, is sized in inches at about 3.8x3x12.

Mostly, egg beaters are made of stainless steel or aluminum material. They work by continuously putting the handle in a circular motion.

Egg blenders are best suited in whipping creams and mixing ingredients, and of course, beating eggs. Achieving certain peaks is also easy with an egg beater because you have full control of the gadget.

An egg beater is a handy tool to have around when preparing a batter. Mixing all the ingredients – flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and whatnots — is easy so baking a cake is done in a breeze.

Egg beaters are also great for mixing sauces. By continuously rotating the handle, you could get lumps out of your sauces, which is a common problem. They are also ideal when you are aiming for certain peaks as is the requirement in making a meringue.

But more importantly, egg blenders are ideal for preparing egg dishes – scrambled eggs, egg casserole, omelet – you name it you can have it! Egg blenders can do the job easy!

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