Storage Shelves Dimensions

Storage shelves can be used for organizing your stuff, be it for the kitchen, basement, room etc. These shelves come in various sizes and specifications to meet different needs.

Storage Shelves Dimensions: Gracious Living 91001-1C

The Gracious Living 91001-1C shelves measures 72 x 32 x 14 inches. The structure can support weights of up to 100 lbs for every shelf. There are five shelves and is meant for medium duty use. The unit needs to be assembled but no tools are necessary.

The shelves are made out of resin. It utilizes a vented shelf design. The structure can stand on its own or be linked up to other storage shelves. The 91001-1C can be set up in the kitchen, bedroom or the garage. The shelves can also be put in the basement.

Storage Shelves Dimensions: Gracious Living 91003-1-12

The Gracious Living 91003-1-12 dimensions are 74 x 35.5 x 24 inches. This model is designed for heavy duty use and can carry a maximum of 200 lbs in every shelf. The shelves do not require any tools to be put together. The shelves can also be joined to others to extend its storage capability.

The shelves are five XL and made of resin. The structure is held together by plastic tubing. This fits in a socket, with the next tubing sliding to the first part’s end. The shelves have been designed to hold in large books and other heavy objects.

Storage Shelves Dimensions: Sterilite 01648501

The Sterilite 01648501 has four shelves with overall dimensions of 34-1/2 (L) x 14-3/8 (W) x 57 (H) inches. The structure is made out of plastic and developed for heavy duty use. The shelves can be set up in the basement, patio, garage or any room. The maximum weight limit for the entire structure is 50 lbs.

A variety of equipment and objects can be stored here. If it is in the computer room, it can be used to store books and laminated documents. The shelves can also be used in the garage to store workman tools. It can also be used to hold a small TV (within the weight limit).

Storage Shelves Dimensions: Rockler Two Shelf Upper Pantry System

The Rockler Two Shelf Upper Pantry System shelves are 22 inches in diameter and they are an inch thick. The post range is 26 – 3/4" to 32 – 1/4". The five shelves are designed for cabinets 24 inches deep. The shelves have a D shape feature that gives clearance for the rack storage. The unit can come in 2 or 5 shelf types.

Choosing Storage Shelves

Two things need to be considered: the maximum weight support and the physical dimensions. Determine the objects you want to put in the shelves. Make sure you don’t overload it or the structure will collapse. The material used for the construction should also be mulled over.

Storage shelves dimensions are just one aspect; also take note if the structure is light, medium or heavy duty. The lighter shelves are built more for decorative purposes.

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