Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart

So, just what are the advantages of a Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart?

Kitchen cabinets are installed and used to maximize the space of theKitchen Cabinet Size Chart dining area and the kitchen. This furniture is used for storing food, silverware, utensils and cooking equipment. Other appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators are commonly integrated with the cabinets. Home improvement stores sell ready-to-made cabinets, but some consumers who want to save money construct their own kitchen cabinets. When constructing cabinets, it is best to have ideas about the kitchen cabinet size chart because it features the common dimensions of the furniture.

The Common Sizes of Kitchen Cabinets

What are the dimensions of kitchen cabinets? For the base cabinets, the standard height is 34.5 inches and the depth is 24 inches. The upper cabinets should have a height of 30 inches to 42 inches while the depth should be 12 inches. If you like to install furniture above the refrigerator, the estimated height should be 12 inches to 15 inches. The depth of the furniture is around 24 inches to 48 inches.

For the wall cabinets, the standard height of the furniture from the countertop should be 18 inches to 36 inches. These cabinets should have a height of 54 inches from the floor. If you will install a cabinet above a stove, then the distance between the stove and the cabinet should be 24 inches.

If the cabinet has a soffit, then the height should be between 30 inches to 42 inches. The furniture’s depth is around 12.25 inches to 25 inches. If you want to install countertops, the standard height is around 36 inches. The depth of the countertops should be around 15 inches to 30 inches.

These measurements are important and keeping a record in a Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart will ensure you will not have to re-double your work and help eliminate errors.

Additional Information about Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart and Other Details

The common kitchen cabinet has six wooden boxes. Most of the furniture is made from solid wood. To ensure that the cabinet can last for a long time and is durable, it is best to use plywood when making your own kitchen furniture. For the doors and frames, you can use particle board, plywood or a medium density fiberboard.

When constructing the doors for the furniture, there are some options available. You can choose to have a solid door construction and a glass door construction. It is also beneficial to install decorative panels. To organize the utensils and other kitchen equipment, it is important to purchase kitchen cabinets with drawers and trays. Aside from drawers, it is also advantageous to select cabinets with shelves as well as special hinges. Keeping a Kitchen Cabinet Size Chart in the back of your mind, or better yet having a hard copy one in your hand, will make your job of having the perfect cabinets a whole lot easier.

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