Worlds Smallest House

Guidelines to be Smallest HouseCalled as the World’s Smallest House

– The structure was constructed with the aim of living in it. The house must not be a tin can, shed, boxes or any other kind of vessels that someone converted into a home.

– The structure should definitely look like a house with front door, four walls, windows, and others.

Meet the World’s Smallest House

The owner, creator, and resident of the house is Jay Shafer and he lives in Sebastopol, California. As an artist and architect by profession, Jay has been planning and building small sizes of homes for years now. He has been living in the world’s smallest house since 1997 up to the present. The house is even smaller than other people’s closets. The total area of the house is just 96 square feet.

The reason why Jay Shafer builds and lives in the world’s smallest house is that he had some concerns with regards to the environmental effects that larger houses give. Another reason is that he don’t want to have a lot of unusable or unused space in the house where he’s living in.

Details About the World’s Smallest House

– The house is indeed very, very small because it is pretty much smaller than most of the people’s bathroom. It only occupies an area of 96 square feet which is pretty tiny to look at.

– The world’s smallest house is pretty much equipped with the basic house facilities. It has a fireplace and a desk in its main room. There is also a wet bath and a kitchen in addition to a loft located upstairs.

– In spite of the small size of the house, the storage space within is quite large due to the way the house is cleverly designed.

– If you want to purchase a house as small as this one, it will cost you about 40,000 dollars to buy one.

– The world’s smallest house is already wired for electricity and you can readily connect it by plugging it on an outside electric plug. A regular AC plug-in can power the house easily and if you want to save from your monthly electric bills, you can use a solar electric system with the use of an inverter.

– The house has an undercounter refrigerator, a two-burner stove, a bar sink, a propane boat heater, and an RV on demand hot water heater.

– The world’s smallest house is also insulated very well where you can heat it up or cool it down easily. The house also follows the strict standards of residential energy efficiency in the State of California. To heat up the house during the winter season using propane, the owner, Jay Shafer, usually spends only 170 dollars or less.

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