Standard Sofa Measurements

When it comes to buying sofas, one of the most important considerations that you have to take into account is the space where you will be placing your sofa. If you get one that is too small for your living room space, it will prove to be an eyesore.

On the other hand, if you get one that is too big, your living room will look cramped and uninviting. In this regard, it would help to know some of the standard measurements for sofas so you will have an idea of which one will fit into your available space.

Standard Sofa Measurements

When it comes to standard sofa measurements, there are basically two dimensions that you can choose from based on the number of people that they can comfortably seat: the loveseat or the two-seater sofa and the three-seater type.


For the loveseat, you have three options. The first one is the small loveseat which is about fifty-eight inches long or approximately one hundred and forty-seven centimeters.

Your second option is the medium loveseat. This one is basically around sixty-four inches long or about one hundred and sixty-three centimeters in length.

Finally, there is the large variety which is about seventy-one inches in length or approximately one hundred and eighty centimeters long.

The depth for these loveseats can be anywhere from thirty-six inches up to thirty-nine inches.

Three-Seater Sofa

For your three-seater sofa, standard measurements for this are roughly about seventy-six inches long by thirty inches in deep by thirty-one inches high. In centimeters, these dimensions are approximately one hundred and ninety-three in length, seventy-six in depth and seventy-nine in height.

For both types of sofas, the recommended size for the back cushion is at least eight inches or twenty centimeters thick. This provides just the right comfort when reclining on the sofa.

Also, for both types of sofas, you may ask the manufacturer for a custom-sized loveseat or three-seater sofa if you have other size preferences. Most manufacturers or furniture-makers accommodate customized requests based on the specifications of their clients.

These customized requests may also include the materials used for the sofas whether leather or fabric upholstery as well as the design prints and colors of the sofas.

When asking for a customized sofa, it is important to give the exact measurements of the sofa you have in mind taking into consideration your available space as well as the number of people that you want the sofa to accommodate at a comfortable level.

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