Carat Weight Chart

When buying jewelry adorned with different gemstones, an important determining factor in its price is the carat of the stones. There are jewelry pieces that come with a single gemstone and there are those that come with several small stones.

Perhaps the most popular stone where carat is given much importance is the diamond. Diamonds after all, are the single-most popular stones given by men when they propose.

A carat weight chart will help you understand how diamonds are weighed and measured. Typically, the cut of the diamond also determine its carat weight.

Carat Weight Chart

Generally speaking, a diamond that is of 1-carat caliber weighs approximately 0.20 grams, equivalent to 200 in milligrams. One-fifth of a carat is equal to one hundred points.

A very small diamond is approximately 0.01 carat equivalent to 2 milligrams or about .002 grams. This size is usually used to adorn or surround a much bigger stone, either a larger diamond or any other type of gemstone like sapphire or emerald.

For diamond engagement rings, the smallest diamond size is typically ¼ carat or .25 carat equivalent to 50 milligrams or about .05 grams. There are also engagement rings that come with a .33-carat diamond, which is about 66 milligrams or .06 grams.

For those looking for a bigger diamond size for engagement rings, there are the 4-carat and 5-carat diamond rings. A 4-carat diamond is approximately 800 milligrams or .80 grams; while a 5-carat diamond is about 1,000 milligrams or 1.00 gram.

There are many other diamond carat weights available going up to 20 carats for a single stone. This one weighs about 4,000 milligrams or approximately 4.00 grams.

Cut and Clarity

The carat weight of the diamond however, is not the only basis for determining its cost. Two other factors, which are seen by many as more important than carat weight, are the cut and clarity of the stone.

A 1-carat diamond may be priced lower than a 0.75-carat diamond if the latter has a higher color quality and higher clarity.

There are several cuts that diamonds may come in once they have been set on jewelry pieces. Among these cuts are the Princess cut, Emerald cut, Pear, Heart, Oval, Marquise, Diamond-shaped, Cushion and Round cuts.

Each cut comes with specific carats ideal for their shape. This is why the cut itself also greatly affects the price of the diamond jewelry; whether it’s a ring, pair of earrings or necklace pendant.

So to determine how much your diamond is actually worth; check for the carat weight, cut and clarity.

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