Corner Kitchen Cabinet


Blind corners in the kitchen can be unsightly. They can ruin the whole décor of your kitchen. Before you start to despair, there is a solution to your empty kitchen corner in the make of a corner kitchen cabinet.

There are ready-built kitchen corner cabinets that you can easily install. You can also go with a custom-built model if you have certain specifications you want incorporated in your kitchen cabinet.

Standard Sizes for a Corner Kitchen Cabinet

There are different sizes of corner cabinets that you can choose from, each one specifically designed for a top wall-mounted cabinet or a base cabinet. Check out the list below for your reference.

Kitchen Sink 

If you are looking into having your sink incorporated with your corner cabinet, the standard measurement for this is approximately thirty-six by thirty-six inches. You may also find this in measurements of forty-two by forty-two inches should you need more space.

Other sizes include 30 x 34.5 inches and 33 x 34.5 inches.

Single Wall-Mounted Cabinets

For single wall-mounted corner cabinets, the sizes here usually start at 15 by 24 inches up to 21 by 24 inches; 9 by 30 inches up to 21 by 30 inches; 9 by 40 inches up to 21 by 40 inches.

The widths of the cabinets, no matter what the height is, come in increments of three inches. This is the standard sizing for corner cabinets. 

Double Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Double wall-mounted cabinets on the other hand, start at measurements of 24 by 18 inches up to 36 by 18 inches; 24 by 24 inches up to 36 by 24 inches; 24 by 30 inches up to 36 by 30 inches; and 24 by 36 inches up to 36 by 36 inches.

Base Cabinets

Single-door base cabinets start at 9 by 34.5 inches up to 21 by 34.5 inches; while double-door models start at measurements of 24 by 34.5 inches up to 36 by 34.5 inches.

Drawer Base Cabinets

For cabinets with drawers, measurements here start at 12 by 34.5 inches going all the way to 24 by 34.5 inches. Again, sizes for the widths go up in three-inch increments.

Lazy Susan Cabinets 

This type of corner cabinet can have multiple shelves for storage and this is actually one of the best space savers that you can install in your kitchen corner. This model usually measures 36 inches on both sides for the width and is 34.5 inches high.

The above-given models and dimensions are the ones that most ready-built corner cabinets come in. You may ask your supplier for other specifications such as designs to help you choose a model that will complement your kitchen style.

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