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When dressing up a bed, you will need a good stock of information regarding bed linen including how to choose one according to the available bed sizes.

Bed Linen 101

A bed linen is a piece of clothing that is used to cover up and dress up the most important furniture in the house – the bed.

Based on research, people spend at least 200,000 hours in their beds in a lifetime. That’s a whole lot of reason to choose your bed well and make it as enticing to sleep on as possible. Choosing your linens and caring for them also has a lot to do with that.

When shopping for your bed linen, make sure that you are clear about a couple of things. First, there is the size. Choose a linen size that fits your bed right. Whether it is a flat or fitted sheet, you will need to be clear about the size you need. If you have a King, you need a King-size linen.

Second, there is the style. Different bed linens come in different designs and styles. You should not find it difficult to find one that will fit into your taste and your bedroom style. It is always advisable that you choose bed linens that will agree with the existing theme in your bedroom so as not to appear an eyesore.

Third, there is the fabric. Choose a fabric that you are most comfortable with. You can go for cotton or silk or whatever for as long as you think that will exactly meet your needs and wants.

Lastly, you must choose a bed linen that fits right into your budget. It is okay to invest on expensive linens that will last you a lifetime but buying one that will make you break your bank account may not seem as a wise buy.

Bed Linen Care

Since bed linens do not always come cheap, you must learn to care for it well and maintain its beauty to maximize its use.

When washing bed linens, use cold or lukewarm water. That will help preserve the beauty of the fabric, including the brilliance of its color and patterns. You also need not to use too much detergent. In fact, you will need less detergent than usual.

Avoid over drying your linens. Doing that will only make more wrinkles in the fabric. After drying, fold the linen immediately.

You may press the top section of your bed linen to make your bed neat looking.

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