Couch Dimensions

There is no such thing as standard couch sizes. You’ll see a lot of them advertised as 36 inches deep and 58 to 75 inches long. couchBut the correct dimension will depend on the space available in your house.


The most important thing to consider is the space. How much space is available in the room? Remember, it won’t just be the sofa in the room. There’ll be a table, lamp shades, the TV etc. Measure both the space for the sofa and the other furniture.

You don’t want to cramp the space by getting a very large sofa. On the other hand you shouldn’t pick one that will leave a lot of space. When assessing couch sizes, don’t forget to measure your doorway; make sure the couch can actually fit.

Strength and Design

You’ll be using the couch extensively so get one that is strong. A good choice is a kiln dried hardwood frame. You might also look for sofas that use screws. It helps fortify the sofa. When buying a couch, test the mattress for comfort. This is very important if you’re buying the pull out bed type.

When going over sofa designs, think of the room’s basic theme. If the design is formal, you should get a room with wood legs and arms. If the room is modern or casual, the skirted couch will do nicely.

Choosing the Cushions and the Color

Just as important as the couch size is the material used for the cushions. The goose down is the most comfortable, but it can be very expensive. A good alternative is the upholstery foam. These are available in different sizes and shapes. Pick the one that suits your style and taste. Also keep in mind that their weights differ.

The color is of course also very important. Of course you’ll want to pick one that matches your theme and decoration. But if you change the room’s style, the couch might no longer be a match. If you redecorate the room often, choose a neutral color like white or beige. It will be a good match regardless of your themes.

Other Considerations

Fabrics are now as varied as couch sizes. Leather is quite popular because it can be cleaned with ease. As a rule, closely woven fabrics are more durable. Microfiber and cotton are ideal for extended use.

When buying this type of fabric, examine the cleaning method. The S letter means it’s cleaned via solvent. W means cleaning is water based and SW a combination of both.

Also think of the couch back you want to use. Some prefer a loose pillow back while others like the tightback. It’s a good idea to test the couch before you buy it. Look at how the couch is constructed. All components need to be padded. Before buying the couch, sit and smell it.

The couch size is important, but it’s only one aspect. You need to consider the factors above so you can get the right one.

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