Bed Size Differences

US and UK bed size differences are outlined below. Note that the measurements used in other countries may not follow either of these specifications.

US Bed Measurement Tables

Twin / single beds are 75″ long and 39″ wide. The sleeping space is 39″ x 75″, good for one sleeper. This is a small bed and easy to move around. It is frequently found in guest rooms. The twin extra long bed is 39″ wide and 80″ long. The sleeping space is 39″ x 80″, good for one person. This bed is longer than the twin / single. The only drawback is that linen for it can be hard to locate.

A full / double bed is 75″ long and 54″ wide. The sleeping space person is 27″ x 75″, good for two people. However, the space is sufficient only for two small or average size adults. Two physically large people will have a hard time sleeping on it.

A queen size bed is 60″ wide and 80″ long. The sleeping space is 30″ x 80″ per person (good for two people). This is one of the most popular bed choices in the US for couples. A standard king size bed is 80″ long and 76″ wide. This bed is for two people. Each will get a sleeping area of 38″ x 80″. Given the bed size differences between king and queen beds, the former is more suited for couples who need lots of space.

A California King bed is 84″ long and 72″ wide. There is room for two sleepers, with each getting 36″ x 84″ of sleeping space. This is a variation of the king size bed. It is longer but narrower than a regular king bed.

UK Bed and Mattress Dimensions

A single bed in the UK is 36″ wide and 75″ long. The sleeping space is 36″ x 75″ (for one person). This is equivalent to the US twin/single. The double is 75″ long and 54″ wide. It is for two people each with a space of 27″ x 75″. It is one of the most common beds in the UK. A king size bed is 78″ long and 60” wide. It is as wide as the US queen bed but shorter. A super king bed is 78″ long and 72″ wide. There is 36″ x 78″ space for each sleeper.

These bed size differences are general guidelines. Some companies make their beds slightly longer or shorter than the figures stated here.

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