Carburettor Dimensions

Before you get a carburetor, you need to examine the specifications. As the proceeding information will show, some are meant for street performance and others for high end racing.

Carburetor Dimensions: Edelbrock 1405 Performer

The Edelbrock 1405 Performer has a height of 15.2 centimeters and is 26.2 centimeters wide. It is 30 centimeters long. The carburetor weighs 9 lbs. The device is designed for use on small and large block engines. The carburetor does not have gaskets under the fuel bowl to avoid leaks.

The Edelbrock 1405 Performer also includes full vacuum ports for the ignition advance. It is also possible to implement electric choke. The Edelbrock 1405 Performer is equipped with the metering jets (Primary .100; secondary .095) and metering rods (.070 x .047).

There is also a step spring as well as carb studs. The Edelbrock 1405 Performer can work with electric or manual choke carb.

Carburetor Dimensions: Holley 0-3310S Model 4160

The Holley 0-3310S Model 4160 Street Performance 750 CFM Square Bore 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary carburetor is 27.9 centimeters high and 30.5 centimeters long. It is 17.8 centimeters wide and weighs 12 lbs.

The carburetor has a power valve blow out feature included to ease operation. It also features manual choke to simplify control of the engine warm up. The Holley 0-3310S Model 4160 is also 100% wet flow tested. The carburetor is designed for street performance.

It has center hung floats and features a Ford A/T kickdown. It has universal calibration and sports a glossy finish. The vacuum secondary has a metering plate.

Carburetor Dimensions: Holley 0-80186-1 Dominator

The Holley 0-80186-1 Dominator HP 750 CFM Mechanical Secondary Four Barrel is 30.5 centimeters high and 35.6 centimeters long. It is 22.9 centimeters wide and weighs 12 lbs. The carburetor’s specs are meant for use in torque and high horsepower race engines.

The air bleeds are meant to provide accurate tuning. It has tight tolerance and has a 4 corner idle system. The Holley 0-80186-1 Dominator has jet extensions and notched floats. This allows for unremitting fuel deliverance under taxing conditions.

The Holley 0-80186-1 Dominator also has symmetrical Venturii bores, which allow for more balanced airflow. This in turn produces more horsepower.

Carburetor Dimensions: Edelbrock 1812 Thunder Series

The Edelbrock 1812 Thunder Series Bore 4-Barrel carburetor is 15.2 centimeters high and 30 centimeters long. It is 26.2 centimeters wide and weighs 9 lbs. The Edelbrock Thunder Series is in 800cfm with manual choke. There are also spring loaded needles for steady fuel supply.

An inlet is provided for fuel plumbing and has a secondary air valve. The included air valve can be modified to suit the driver’s needs. No additional springs are required and it is configurable using ordinary tools.

The finish is silver and is ball burnished aluminum. From part to full throttle, the transition is even and leak resistant. The unit is CNC machined.

Apart from the carburetor dimensions, you also need to look at the ease with which the valve can be set. Also check your vehicle manual / website for any additional info on carburetors.

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