Front Air Dams Dimensions

Front air dams are the lowest component of the front bumper. Its purpose is to ward off debris and wind away from the vehicle. Front air dams sizes depend on the manufacturer. Some measure 15 x 15 x 12 inches while others are 20 x 14 x 12 inches. Browsing through Internet sites will show other sizes available.

How to Install Air Dams

Required Tools:

  • Small clamp
  • Ratchet and short extension
  • 15/64-inch drill bit
  • Power drill
  • Knife
  • T30 Torx bit
  • 10 mm socket

Step 1

Use the ratchet and socket to take out the air dam. These bolts will not be used.

Step 2

Take out the front component’s upper part. You can remove the bolt on the bumper sides with the T-30 Torx. Make sure to mark the bumper (for trimming purposes). Slice about ¼ of the material on the upper front bumper (at the point the curving starts in the middle bumper opening). Trim away the extra bumper parts with the knife.

Step 3

Put the air dam into position. This is needed to make sure the fit is correct. If you are going to paint it, do it now. When the paint is dry, you can proceed with the installation. The time it takes for the paint to dry will depend on the front air dams size.

Step 4

Put the upper lip of bumper cover below the factory bumper’s edge. Place the cover so it is wrapped on all the sides. Raise a side of the factory upper bumper cover. Fasten it with a clamp. Clamp the cover upper flat lip on the metal bumper surface.

Step 5

Drill 15/64 inch holes into pre-drilled holes. This is where the air dam mounting is placed. The pre-drilled holes can be used as a guide.

Step 6

Put the fastener in the holes. Ensure the fastener is in all the way.

Step 7

Put the T-30 Torx bolts in the bumper. Secure them tight.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure that you use the appropriate equipment for the job. Double check the fasteners to ensure they are tight. Make sure the holes you drill are accurate too. Unless this is done, the installation process will not proceed correctly.

No matter what the front air dams sizes are, the installation is relatively easy. But if you feel uncomfortable about the procedure, ask someone to help. Or you can have the vehicle taken to a car shop. They should be able to install it without a problem.

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