Standard Shoe Box Dimensions

Shoes are one of the fashion must-haves for people of all ages, from any part of the world. Designer shoes in particular are some of the most sought-after fashion pieces by both men and women.

Good quality shoes are a bit pricey but they can last a long time if you store them properly and keeping them in shoe boxes is a great way of maintaining their good condition.

This being said, it would help to know some of the standard shoe box dimensions so you can find a good spot for them at home where your shoes will be protected when not in use.

Shoe Box Sizes

Depending on the size of the shoes, whether these are for toddlers or kids; or men’s or women’s sizes; shoe boxes come in different dimensions.

The following are some of the standard shoe box dimensions for toddler’ shoes, kids’ shoes, women’s and men’s shoes:


Basic dimensions for toddlers’ shoe boxes are five and three-eighths inches in length, seven inches wide and two and three-fourths inches in height. These will fit the various sizes that toddler shoes come in.

This is about 12.7 centimeters long by 17.78 centimeters wide by 5.08 centimeters high.


For kids’ shoes, these generally come in shoe boxes that measure six inches long by eight and one-half inches wide by three inches high. These dimensions are around 15.24 centimeters in length, 21.59 centimeters in width and 7.62 centimeters in height.


For women’s shoes, box dimensions for these generally start at thirteen inches in height by seven and one-half inches in width by four and one-fourth inches in height.

In centimeters, these dimensions are about 33.02 long, 19.05 wide and 10.16 centimeters high.


Men’s shoe boxes basically have dimensions of around fourteen and three-fourths inches in length by ten and one-eighth inches in width by five and five-eighths inches in height.

These are approximately 35.56 centimeters long, 25.4 centimeters wide and 12.7 centimeters high.

Clear Shoe Storage Boxes

If you want to really keep your shoes organized in a way that will enable you to see them without having to open the box lid, there are clear shoe storage boxes that you can purchase.

These are readily available on the internet as well as land-based home essentials stores. These generally come in similar dimensions for the usual boxes that your shoes came in.

Clear boxes will help you find the right pair to wear without going through all the trouble of opening each box to see which one you would like to wear.

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