Plasma TV Stand Dimensions

After getting your plasma TV, you shouldn’t overlook the stand where it will be resting. The proceeding information should provide some insights on what stands are apt for a particular TV size.

Plasma TV Stand Dimensions: Bell’O AVSC-9870

The Bell’O AVSC-9870 is designed for use on flat panel, plasma and LCS TVs with a maximum size of 65 inches. It can also be used for DLP TV (maximum 73 inches). The TV stand is 66" wide x 22.5" high x 17.5" deep. The topmost shelf can support weights of up to 200 lbs, suitable for HDTV.

The top shelf is 17.5" deep and 66" wide. The center shelf is 40" wide and 16.75" deep. The lower shelf is 16-3/4" deep and 56-5/8" wide. There is 10-1/8" of height between the center and bottom shelf that can be used. The height between the top and center shelf is 7.5”.

Plasma TV Stand Dimensions: Prepac Black 60" Flat Panel

The Prepac Black 60" Flat Panel measures 58"W x 26.75"H x 19.75"D. The TV stand has shelves that can be adjusted. The Prepac also has storage room for DVDs, and other electronic components. The TV stand also comes with a cable management system to help manage the cable.

If adjustments need to be made, the rear panels can be opened and closed as needed. The structure has five legs to provide a more stable foundation. The Prepac Black 60" can hold plasma TVs up to 60”, 462 CDs, over 200 DVDs and over 100 videos. There is also room for a home theater receiver to be installed.

Plasma TV Stand Dimensions: Bell’O FP-4850HG High Gloss

The TV stand is 48 inches wide, 52 inches high and 19 inches depth. It weighs 89 lbs and the material used is tempered glass. The TV stand is also constructed with coated steel that is resistant to scratching. It is designed for use with plasma TVs with a maximum size of 50” and not over 125 lbs.

There is room for four audio video components. The TV stand comes with two tempered glass shelves. The mounting brackets can also be used for modifying the screen’s height. The package comes with the hardware needed for various mounting setups.

Plasma TV Stand Dimensions: Premier Mounts PSD-TTS/B

The Premier Mounts PSD-TTS/B TV stand is 32 inches wide with a depth of 13 inches. It is 27.8 inches high and weighs 39 lbs. The height can be adjusted so the user can make more accurate placements. There are also back / support tubes that hide the cables. The TV stand is UL certified. The package also comes with several types of mounting screws.


Most of the TV stands have to be assembled. Be sure the workspace is clear and the instructions are followed to avoid frustration. Some TV stands also come with leg adjusters to compensate for uneven flooring.

The plasma TV stand dimensions need to be given careful thought. Aside from the physical dimensions, the maximum weight support has to be assessed as well.

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