Standard Poster Size

Is there really such a thing as Standard Poster Size? And if there is, of course it’s not just the poster size that matters but the material you put in. Nevertheless it’sStandard Poster Size crucial you recognize dimensions commonly used in movies and marketing as Standard Poster Size will vary.

Standard Poster Size – The Small Size

The smallest is 11 x 17”. This is slightly bigger than legal paper (8.5 x 14”). This size is also beyond the capability of ordinary desktop printers. These types of posters aren’t that expensive. They can also be used effectively indoors or if space is restricted.

They are large enough to command attention. These sizes work well when used on phone booths and community boards. This poster type works best if text use is limited. This poster size is excellent for placing ads regarding announcements.

Standard Poster Size – Medium Size

Dimensions of this one come in at 18 x 24”. It’s the standard size of indoor posters. If you shop around for posters of celebrities, they’ll likely come in this size. This can be used effectively with large graphics and one headline message. You can also place some text below the main heading text.

These poster dimensions are used in doctor’s offices. These sizes are also used in other business such as oil changing shops or in areas where pedestrians can read them.

Standard Poster Size – Large Size

They measure 24 x 36” or 27 x 39”. These are almost always used in the outdoors. If you’re going to utilize this poster size, use only large text. People will be seeing this while in motion (i.e., driving or walking by). So eye catching graphics and straight to the point messages are essential.

They can also be used indoors if the place has high traffic. These include cafeterias and trade shows. They are very useful for grabbing people’s attention.

Custom Built Postershere are now printing services that can print posters tailored to your specifications. It is true desktop printers can produce high quality posters. However, if you need to print in a large size, the printer probably won’t be able to handle it. The printing services can also use very specific color sets i.e., RGB, CMYK etc). You just have to specify what you want.

Standard Poster Size – Movie Poster Sizes

The standard is the one sheet (27 x 41 inches). There are also posters available in 8 x 10 inches. These are often used for promotion and showcasing in the lobby. The lobby card (LC) measures 11 x 14 inches.

No longer available in the US, they used to come in eights. One card featured the film credits and the rest artwork featuring scenes from the film.

One of the most popular is the ½ sheet. These measure 22 x 28 inches. It’s set on card stock. The billboard size measures 106 x 234 inches. These are set up along roadside billboards.

Other movie posters include the 6 sheet (81 x 81 inches), the three sheet (41 x 81), and the banner (81 x 24). There is also the mini window (11 x 14), the insert (14 x 36) and the lenticular (27 x 41).

The poster sizes mentioned here are standards but don’t be surprised if other dimensions start to get used. These posters have become very popular and effective as marketing tools. So expect them to be harnessed in different ways as Standard Poster Size, as you can see, often vary.

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