What is the Size of a Malamute?

The malamute is a domestic Size of a Malamutedog that was originally bred to serve as a sled dog in Alaska. It is a large breed, which shares many features with the Siberian husky, although they are two different breeds. It comes in different colors, the most common are black, sable and gray. No matter what color it is, it always comes with a white color. It has a plush undercoat, with a thick double coat. It has an average lifespan of up to 14 years. For people who are very interested in dogs, it is nice to know the size of a malamute.

The Size of a Malamute

What is the size of a malamute? The average and desirable height for malamutes is 25 inches for males and 23 inches for females. In terms of weight, males must measure about 85 pounds, while the ideal weight for females is 75 pounds. In some cases, these dogs can weight up to 90 pounds. Likewise, there are cases when such dogs measure less than 75 pounds.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

Malamutes are judged mainly for their capacity to function as a sled dog and pull heavy freight. The other criteria are only secondary. These dogs have tremendous pulling power. Based on the standards set by the American Kennel Club, their tails must be well furred, which are important in helping them stay warm as they curl up in the snowy ground. Likewise, they use these tails to cover their noses and faces, especially during harsh weather conditions.

The common cause of death for these dogs is cancer. In terms of morbidity, their most common health problems are hereditary cataracts and hip dysplasia. Furthermore, they are also at risk of other serious illnesses such as heart defects, chondrodysplasia and inherited polyneuropathy. Because of their dense coats, they are unsuitable to live in areas with hot climates. If such condition is unavoidable, it is best to give them plenty of shade and water.

Nowadays, people keep malamutes as family pets. Because of their beautiful fur and other cute qualities, they are featured a lot in different dog shows all over the world. These dogs are also known for their primitive behaviors, resourcefulness and independence. Instead of barking like other dogs, they vocalize by producing a ‘woo woo’ sound, which is very similar to coyotes and wolves. Their origins can be traced back more or less 3,000 years ago in Alaska.

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