Sports Wheelchair Size

How to Choose the Right Sports Wheelchair

Today, sports wheelchairs have taken the spotlight and have become quite commonplace in society. There are now a variety of wheelchairs designed to suit various sports. Of course, it should be understood that the sports wheelchair size has a direct effect on an athletes overall performance in the long run.

Scientists and researchers have published in the US National Library of Medicine their findings about the effect of sports wheelchair size to an athlete’s performance. They found out that an athlete’s energy is progressively reduced as the sports wheelchair size is increased. 24 inch wheels and bigger sized wheels demanded more energy due to greater rolling resistance and the extent of the application of force that is required.

Other Factors to Consider

Do take note that the sports wheelchair size is only one of the many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right sports wheelchair. The size of the wheel is only one of the other things that one has to look into, although that is one of the factors that have a direct effect on one’s performance in the game.

Another factor to consider when purchasing a sports wheelchair is the type of sport that one intends to play. As stated earlier, some sports wheelchairs are better designed for basketball while others are better designed for tennis or even for other sports. When you’re at the store, you can ask the clerk to get you the right type of sports wheelchair for the adaptive sport you intend to play.

Now, there is also the question of multi-purpose sports wheelchairs versus specialized sports wheelchairs suited for particular types of sports. Well, there is actually no hard and fast rule regarding which of the two types of wheelchairs one should buy. One good tip is to compare your performance in a multi-purpose sports wheelchair versus using one that is specifically designed for your particular sport.

A player’s game play level and experience should also be taken into consideration. Beginners might not immediately see the benefit of using a specialized sports wheelchair. Beginners will be better off with a multi-purpose and adjustable sports wheelchair. It will help them get a feel of various sports and find the particular qualities of a wheelchair that they are personally comfortable with.

Finally, of course, one also has to consider one’s budget. You don’t want to strain your budget if you really can’t afford a truly expensive sports wheelchair. Well, you can go for a second-hand or used one for the time being and then just save up on something better. You might also want to consider purchasing a cheaper brand instead of opting for a top of the line model.

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