Golf Club Dimensions

Generally, golf clubs are divided into three major classes, namely the iron, putter and driver. Golf ClubAll of them play highly important parts in the game. Primarily, a club is comprised of a clubhead, a lance as well as a shaft. For long distance fairway shots, players use woods, one of which is a driver. Meanwhile, irons are used to make different kinds of shots because of its versatility. Once the ball lands on the green, players can shift to putters, which is used to push the ball right into the cup. Aside from these and other interesting details, it is also important to know the different golf club dimensions.

The Different Dimensions of a Golf Club

The Wood

This specific type of golf club is primarily used to hit shots that are long distance. It is called wood because it was traditionally made from a certain type of hardwood called persimmon. The length of its shaft varies, which is somewhere around 100 to 115 centimeters or 40 to 48 inches. Before, the standard length was 43.5 inches. After some time, it was changed to 45 inches, which remains until today as the current standard for the game. Some shafts even reach up to 50 inches in length. The standard maximum length of the shaft allowed by the United States Golf Association or USGA is 48 inches.

The Iron

This second type of golf club is used in the game to move the ball closer to the hole. Generally made from heavy-duty iron, this one is a versatile club that can be used in different situations including in the bunkers, the fairway and the teeing ground. Its length ranges from 35 inches to 39 inches depending on what type of iron you are using.

For instance, the 3-iron is 39 inches long, the 4-iron 38.5 inches long and the 5-iron 38 inches long. In addition, the 6-iron is 37.5 inches long, the 7-iron 37 inches and the 8-iron 36.5 inches. The 9-iron measures 36 inches long, the PW and AW 35.5 inches and the SW 35.25 inches. The length of the LW is 35 inches.

The Putter

This type of golf club is designed differently from woods and irons. Players use it when making very close distance shots. Unlike the others, this one offers players a number of advantages particularly in the technical aspects of the game such as the topspin ball launch, the sweet impact as well as the good glide. The average length of putters is somewhere between 32 inches and 35 inches. They have longer grips and shaft lengths.

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