What is the Size of Sexy Figure?

What is the size of a sexy figure? This question has no standard answer.

As such, the notion of tagging a person as having a sexy figure depends on one’s opinion and perspectives on what is sexy and what is not.

Since there are many people with different tastes, there would truly be a lot of answers for the question on what is the size of a sexy figure.

To have an idea, here are some of the answers that may come up when you ask this question to someone.

First: Being sexy is actually a frame of mind.

No matter how large or small-sized a woman is in one’s physique, sexiness is actually just a term anyone can have. Yes, some say that it is just being sexy is just a state of mind, an attitude, an IT-feeling. If you think and feel that you have “it,” then, show it – and don’t concern yourself with how many pounds you probably have put on your body in the last few weeks or months.

Probably, it’s because of the way women dress, or it may be how they walk, stand, or sit. It can also be how they talk, smile, or laugh.

For this, there is really no measurement to think of. Anything goes – large-body-sized or small-body-sized women. All can have that inner and outer feeling and thinking of being sexy. And when women think and feel that, others who would see them would also think that they are indeed sexy in every way.

Second: Being sexy is having a bustier front.

They say that women having the DD cup sizes for bras are the ones who are so sexy in the eyes of men. Other men prefer those women wearing medium-sized bras. And others also adore women who are not really bustier than they hope to be. So, it still has to be based on one’s preferences – for both the females and males.

Third: The 36-24-36 measurement is really sexy.

Some say that a good standard measurement of the physique of women should be 36-24-36 for their chest, waist, and hips. Others prefer 35-23-34. And still others also have a different notion altogether.

Fourth: A small waistline equals to a sexy body.

Having a small waistline can give one many benefits. They can easily fit into jeans and all kinds of clothes. Small waistlines that are most preferable by men and women include 24 inches to about 28 inches.

There are also some people who like waistlines measuring about thirty to thirty inches. Albeit a bit plump on the side, people having these measurements are also said to be sexy, too, by most.

So what is the size of a sexy figure? The answer would have to come from a single viewpoint. It would depend on you and what you actually prefer for yourself and for those whom you would label as sexy in your eyes.

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