Sizes of Heating Pads

There are different heating pad sizes such as 12″ x 15″, 14″ x 27″ and 15” x 24”. These pads are available in different variants, but they are generally divided between electrical and chemical types. Electrical pads run from currents. Chemical pads are disposable. A hot water bottle is yet another variant.

How Heating Pads Work

Many types of body pain can be attributed to muscle strain or exertion. This produces tension in soft tissues and muscles. Circulation is restricted, causing the body to relay pain signals to the brain. These pads are used for warming body parts to relieve pain. Applied locally, the pad causes blood vessels to widen. This boosts perfusion to the tissues being treated.

Because the blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases. Nutrients and oxygen are able to flow through, healing muscles or tissues that are damaged. Skin sensations are stimulated, reducing pain transmission signals. With regular application, the soft tissues become more flexible.


Heating pad sizes are usually compact so they can be used in different places. Pads can be used when you travel, at work or home. There are physicians who suggest alternating ice and heat to reduce pain. However, you should consult a doctor before using one of these pads.

Electrical Pads

Because these pads use current, they may become susceptible to overheating. A moist heating pad is applied on the person’s skin. The average pad works in temperatures ranging from 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (76 to 82 degrees Celsius). These pads are suitable for treating deep tissues.

Unattended, it may be dangerous. Physical therapists use these heating pads a lot. But pads for home use are now available. A moist cloth may be used to provide extra moisture.

Chemical Pads

These disposable pads rely on an exothermic chemical reaction. It may be dissolving calcium chloride or catalyzed rusting of iron. The reagents are placed in separate locations in the device. If the pad is squeezed, the reagents are mixed, generating heat. There are many reusable heat pads available too.

They usually have sodium acetate (NaCH3COO). Flexing a notched ferrous metal disc triggers crystallization. Reusable pads can be used again after boiling in water for 15 minutes. With some pads it may require only 10 minutes.

Assorted heating pad sizes can be purchased in many online stores. You should read the product specifications to get an idea of its exact dimensions. They also have different features.

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