Internet Advertising Size

Internet advertising sizes have been standardized to make ad placements easier. However, companies are not actually obliged to follow these dimensions. The reason they have become the regular ones used is they have proven to be practical.

All the measurements are in pixels.

Sizes of Pop ups and Rectangles

For a medium rectangle, the size is 300 x 250. For a square popup it is 250 x 250 and for vertical rectangles it is 240 x 400. The recommended size for a large rectangle is 336 x 280. A rectangle may also be 180 x 150. The 3:1 rectangle measures 300 x 100. The pop-under is 720 x 300 pixels.

Animated ads that use these dimensions should have 40k max initial download size.

Sizes of Buttons and Banners

The Internet advertising sizes for these ads are as follows. For full banners it is 468 x 60 and for the half banner it is 234 x 60. The micro bar is 88 x 31. Button 1’s recommended size is 120 x 90 and button 2 120 x 60.

The vertical banner should measure 120 x 240. The square button should be 125 x 125 and the leaderboard 728 x 90. The full and half banners should have a maximum initial file download size of 40k and 30k respectively. For the micro bar, it is 10k.

Buttons 1 and 2 should have 20k maximum size. The vertical banner and square button Internet advertising sizes should have a file weight of 30k. The leaderboard should have a maximum download size of 40k.

Sizes of Skyscrapers

The wide skyscraper is 160 x 600; the regular skyscraper is 120 x 600 and the half page ad 300 x 600. All should have a file size limit of 40k.

Awareness and Click Through

Internet ads work in two ways; the click through and creating awareness of the product. Click-throughs work when you click the ad and go to the site advertised.

However, studies have shown that click through rates are going down. So why do companies still put ads online? Because it creates awareness of the product. Think of TV commercials; people say they hate it, but they will remember the product. No matter what the Internet advertising size is, the goal is also the same.

An advantage of placing ads on the Net is you can direct your products directly to people who have an interest in the item.

Designing Tips

Try to keep the sizes to the figures specified, or even less than that. Smaller graphics means faster loading times and thus be seen more often. Animated banners can also generate awareness and click-throughs.

You should also use the ALT attribute in the image. This feature describes what the picture is even if the image isn’t loaded. Always check the log files to see how well the ads are doing.

No matter how attractive your product is, people won’t bother if the Internet advertising size you use isn’t right. Picking the proper dimensions will increase the chances of its success.

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