What is the Biggest Airport?

What is the biggest airport in America? What is the biggest airport in the world? Biggest AirportThere are several interesting facts to know about these airports.

Denver International Airport

What is the biggest airport in America? Popularly called DIA, many deem Denver International Airport as the most spacious airport in America. It is the third biggest in the world after Montreal- Mirabel International Airport. Worthy of mentioning are also Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson and Chicago O’Hare. These latter airfields are known not just for their vast areas but most especially for their busy activities. Atlanta once handled 76.7 million passengers in the year 2002. Chicago handled 66.6 million in the same year.

King Fahd International Airport

Located in Dammam in Saudi Arabia, this airport occupies 780 square kilometers of land and gives people an idea of what is the biggest airport in the world. This international airport is even bigger than some cities in the world. To get an idea, the biggest airport in London, London Heathrow, is only a small fraction of this most spacious airport.

London Heathrow

London Heathrow was once thought to be the best description of what is the biggest airport in the world. It occupies 4.7 square kilometers of area. But then Saudi Arabia came up with the gigantic King Fahd International Airport which dwarfed the one in London. However, another international airfield was built in Asia in 2008 out-sizing the one in Saudi Arabia. Some experts observe that more travelers are going to Asia, and at the same time, there is a growing number of Asian travelers seeing the world. Asian migrant workers are partly the reason.

Gigantic Dragon

In 2008, the biggest airport was sprawled out on a 501-square mile airfield in China. It was finished in time for the Beijing Olympics. It is said to be able to cater to 50 million passengers annually. Thus, to date, China’s giant and hi-tech dragon airport best answers what is the biggest airport in the world. Being the most spacious airport globally, it has 5 levels, 2 of which are underground. It has three main parts: the Domestic Hall, Olympic Hall, and the International Hall. The edifice is a single structure housing everything under one roof.

This huge airport is environment friendly, using natural lighting in several ways to enhance its interior. The designer is very conscious about energy efficiency and has taken this in the building design of this most spacious airport in the world.

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