How Big is Epcot Center?

Epcot Center is a theme park that is part of Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida. Walt Disney World Resorts Florida has four theme parks and Epcot Center was the second to be built.

It officially opened its doors to the public in the year 1982, on the 1st of October.

How Big is Epcot Center?

If you’ve ever wondered “How big is Epcot Center?” well, Epcot Center covers an estimated area of roughly about three hundred acres or around one hundred and twenty hectares.

Its parking area alone measures approximately fifty-seven hectares or about one hundred and forty-one acres.

To give you a clearer picture of the answer to the question, “How big is Epcot Center?” its parking area – including the grassy areas and the bus area – can accommodate a measly eleven thousand and two hundred or so vehicles at a time!

The size and scope of the theme park was also so extensive that it took 3 years for this ambitious project to be completed, with an estimated budget of roughly between eight hundred million and one billion US dollars.

One other factor that can help you get an idea of “How big is Epcot Center?” is the scale of its construction. At the time that it was being built, it was the biggest construction project on the planet.

Sections of the Theme Park

The park has two main sections: one is Future World and the other, World Showcase.

Future World consists of a number of pavilions that explore various aspects of technology. Pavilions here include Spaceship Earth, Innoventions, Mission: SPACE and Imagination!

World Showcase on the other hand, consists of several pavilions dedicated to 11 different countries around the world: Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, The American Adventure and United Kingdom.

Evolution of the Name

When it was officially opened in the year 1982, the theme park was formally called EPCOT Center – an acronym that stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

By the year 1994, the theme park was called Epcot ’94 and then Epcot ’95 the following year. When 1996 came, the theme park was simply called Epcot.

Epcot Icon

Epcot’s most famous icon is Spaceship Earth, a sphere that stands about one hundred and eighty feet high with a diameter of around one hundred and sixty-five feet.

Visitors of any age group can get inside Spaceship Earth and go on a slow sixteen-minute ride through space and time.

You can learn about man’s evolution, from prehistoric times to Egyptian times and all the way to the twenty-first century’s cyber era.

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