How High an Eagle can fly?

The eagle is a huge bird of prey that belongs to the family Eagle can flyAccipitridae. In Africa and Eurasia, more than 60 species can be found. Likewise, other species can also be found in various Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Compared to other birds of prey, this one has a heavier head, a more powerful built and a larger size. Aside from these fascinating details, there are other interesting things about it including how high an eagle can fly.

The Approximate Height that Eagle Can Fly

How high can an eagle fly? Based on numerous scientific studies, an eagle can soar as high as 10,000 feet or 3,048 meters. The average weight of bald eagles is 8 to 9 pounds or 3.5 to 4 kilograms for males and 10 to 14 pounds or 4.5 to 6 kilograms for females. Each day, this animal must eat approximately 1/10 of its weight in order to stay healthy. Eagles eat fishes, crabs and turtles. Additionally, it also consumes other preys such as snakes, smaller mammals as well as other birds.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

One of the smallest kinds of eagle is the booted eagle or Aquila pennata. Although medium-sized, it still has a faster flight and broader wings compared to other birds. In terms of size, the average weight of the South Nicobar serpent-eagle is 1.1 pounds. It can grow up to 16 inches or 40 centimeters. The Steller’s sea eagle or Haliaeetus pelagicus has an average weight of 11 to 20 pounds. It has an average length of 34.1 to 41.3 inches or 86.5 to 105 centimeters. Another interesting species is the monkey-eating eagle or the Philippine eagle, which is known scientifically as Pithecophaga jefferyi. It has an average length of 39 inches or 100 centimeters.

Eagles possess huge and powerful hooked beaks, which they use to tear the flesh of their prey. Likewise, they are also known for their powerful talons and strong muscular legs. Their extremely keen eyesight allows them to see even from very far distances in order to catch potential preys. They usually build eyries or nests on high cliffs and in tall trees.

Under the genus Spizaetus, you can find different kinds of species such as the Philippine hawk eagle or Spizaetus philippensis, the mountain hawk eagle or Spizaetus nipalensis and the changeable hawk eagle or Spizaetus cirrhatus. Under the genus Aquila, you can find highly interesting species like the Spanish imperial eagle or Aquila adalberti, the rufous-bellied eagle or Aquila kienerii and the golden eagle or Aquila chrysaetos.

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