Biggest Great White Shark in the World

The Great White Shark is biggest known predatory fish in the world. Although white sharks do not hold the title of being the largest shark in the world since the crown goes to the whale shark, it nevertheless is one mother of a shark.

They average at thirteen to seventeen feet long or roughly around four to five meters; and can weigh anywhere from one thousand five hundred pounds up to two thousand four hundred pounds.

Biggest Great White Shark in the World

There have been quite a number of claims on the matter of the biggest great white shark ever caught in the world, with one measuring at least twenty-one feet long and weighing a staggering seven thousand on hundred pounds.

This great white was caught in Cuba back in the 1940s but there were claims that this size was slightly exaggerated.

There was another one, this time caught off the shores of Malta back in 1987, measuring at least twenty-three feet long. Again, this claim has been disputed by experts who have studied the shark.

It is said that the length was once again exaggerated. This may have been due to the fact that as the days and months pass, the white shark like any other fish, shrank in size as it got drier and drier.

However, the biggest white shark ever caught which has been accurately measured and recorded, based on the studies conducted by the Canadian Shark Research Institute; was a female adult shark that was twenty feet long.

She was caught off the shores of Prince Edward Island in Canada back in 1988. Most shark experts are in agreement that the biggest possible size that a white shark can grow up to is twenty feet in length and about four thousand two hundred pounds.

Incidentally, female adult sharks can grow bigger than their male adult counterparts.

Biggest Sharks in Captivity

Live sharks captured and kept in marine enclosures are approximately ten feet long or shorter since these are mostly young sharks who have not yet reached their full mature size.

Before they can reach their full adult size, they are typically released back into the ocean.

With their razor-sharp teeth, their sharp perception, and their capacity to move quite rapidly in the waters particularly when pursuing their prey; great white sharks are among the most-feared marine predators worldwide.

Incidentally, they are equipped with an extra sensory agent which allows them to identify electromagnetic fields transmitted with the movements of living creatures. This helps them zero-in on their prey.

A great number of injuries and deaths have been attributed to these predator fishes.

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