How Big is a Fetus

During pregnancy, the fetus will undergo a step-by-step progression where he will begin to develop body parts and internal organs to prepare him for life outside the mother’s womb.
How Big is a Fetus?
1st Month 
By the end of the first month, the baby, which is still an embryo, will be about one-fourth of an inch long – just a tiny dot in the mother’s womb. From conception, the embryo will now have grown approximately ten thousand times in size.
2nd Month
During the second month, the fetus will now be about the size of a kidney bean and by the end of the 12th week, he will measure approximately 2.13 inches in length and will weigh 0.49 ounce. 
It is this time when the baby starts to develop his facial features such as the eyes, nose and lips plus tooth buds begin to form as well on the baby’s gums. The fingers are still webbed in appearance.
3rd Month
At the start of the 3rd month of pregnancy which is the 13th week, the baby is approximately 2.91 inches long and weighs about 0.81 ounce. By the end of the 3rd month, or seventeen weeks into the pregnancy, the fetus will now measure an approximate 5.12 inches in length and will have a weight average of about 4.94 ounces.
The baby’s form is now more recognizable; his nails and earlobes are developed and his extremities are likewise now fully developed.
4th Month
During the first week of month 4, the fetus will have an approximate length of 5.59 inches and will weigh about 6.70 ounces. By the end of the fourth month, the fetus will now then be around 10.51 inches in length, from crown to heel and will weigh approximately 12.70 ounces.
One of the most significant developments in the fetus is that he will now have formed his bones, hardening as the weeks progress; from the soft cartilage he once had in the first months of pregnancy.
5th Month
By week 22, your baby will now measure about 10.94 inches long, from crown to heel, and will have an approximate weight of 15.17 ounces. At 25 weeks, which marks the end of the 5th month; he will be about 13.62 inches long and will weigh an average of 1.46 pounds.
Noticeable changes in the baby’s facial features are the presence of eyelids and eyebrows. 
6th Month
As mothers enter the last stage of the 2nd trimester, the baby will be 14.02 inches long and will weigh approximately 1.68 pounds. By the end of the 6th month, the length will have increased to 15.71 inches and his weight will have increased to 2.91 pounds.
Eyes may begin to open at this stage, in brief periods and the baby may also begin to hiccup.
7th Month
As mother enters the 3rd trimester, the baby will now measure approximately 15.71 inches in length will weigh an average of 3 pounds. The baby has now a bit of baby fat.
8th Month
As mothers begin the last two stages of pregnancy, the baby will now be almost his expected birth size and weight. By this time, he will have an approximate length of 18.19 inches and a weight of 5.25 pounds.
9th Month
As the 9th month enters, the baby already waiting to get out, will measure an approximate length of 19.96 inches growing up to 20.28 inches by full term. He will also weigh in at approximately 7 to 8 pounds. 

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