How Large is a Changing Table?

A changing table allows you to have a dedicated area specifically for changing your baby’s diapers or clothes. It is a raised table, usually up to a height that will make it easier for adults to reach down and change the baby without having to bend too low.

There are many styles of changing tables and these may also come with compartments or drawers.

How Large is a Changing Table?

The sizes of changing tables may slightly differ from one to the next, usually depending on the style or design, i.e. with drawers or with shelves.

Therefore, “How large is a changing table?” may be answered based on the style of the table as well as the number of compartments that it has.

For instance, a simple changing table with two shelves below measures approximately 40 inches in length by 37 inches in height by 19 inches in width. You may also find this design of a changing table in specifications of 37.5 inches long by 20.5 inches wide by 42 inches high.

How Large is a Changing Table with just One Shelf?

This simple-style changing table generally comes in dimensions of 35.5 inches in length by 19 inches in width by 36.5 inches in height.

From the above two-shelf changing table dimensions, you can see that there’s not much difference in size specifications between a one-shelf change table and a two-shelf model.

Changing Tables with Drawers and Shelves

Most parents choose a changing table that has pull-out drawers plus two to three additional shelves so they have several compartments for the baby’s clothes, diapers and other items that may come in handy when the baby is being changed.

Before deciding on this type, you should definitely check the dimensions of the table to ensure that it will right in the baby’s nursery.

How large is a changing table with multiple compartments? Typically, a changing table with two pull-out drawers and three small shelves measures around 35 inches in width by 20 inches in depth by 37 inches in height.

The pull-out drawers’ interiors measure about 13.5 inches wide by 14.25 inches long.

On the other hand, a three-drawer changing table can come in specifications of 33.5 inches long by 19 inches wide by 38.88 inches high.

Again, what you will see here is that the dimensions of the changing tables do not differ all that much – the distinctive features of the tables are the number of shelves or drawers that they have.

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