What is the Size of a Browning Tray?

A browning tray is used to add a crispy taste to the food. This microwave accessory is also known as a browning dish and crisper plate. 

Types and Size of the Browning Tray 

The dimensions of these dishes vary. Some are 27 mm and others are about 6.5" x 8.75. Some square dishes are 8.5 inches long. These usually have a metal content under them. This is what helps it produce the crispy taste for the food. 

The tray also works by soaking up the heat from the microwave. This is then used to heat up the dish or tray. The heating capability of the trays is ideal for use on food that gets soggy. 

How to Use the Browning Tray 

The following is a general guide for using the browning dish. If your microwave came with one, refer to the manual for more specific instructions. The following are applicable regardless of the size of the browning tray.

Step 1

Prepare the food as specified in your recipe. 

Step 2

Wipe, or if necessary, wash the browning tray before using it. If you washed it, allow it to dry first.

Step 3

Put the browning tray in the microwave. Preheat the tray. This will vary per microwave. Follow the instructions as specified in the user manual. The small browning dishes take about 4 minutes to heat up. The bigger ones will take longer. Refer to the manual for the exact times. Make sure the setting is set to high. 

Step 4

Keep the tray in the microwave and put the food you made in the dish. The amount of food you can put will depend on the size of the browning tray. Make sure you set the food around the middle of the dish, but don’t overlap. Cover the tray. 

Step 5

Set the microwave to the right cooking time. This will vary depending on what you are cooking. It is a good idea to rotate the tray every now and then during the process. This will not be necessary if your microwave has a spinning glass carousel. Flip the food once so both the sides will turn brown. 

Step 6

Take out the tray after the cooking time has ended. Put the food on a serving tray. If you have to add more food, preheat the tray again. 

Tips and Warnings 

In many cases you will have to put butter to keep food from getting stuck. If the tray is non stick, this step won’t be necessary. It is also vital that you do not put the tray in the microwave with the cover on when you start to preheat. 

Do not heat the dish longer than what is stated at the manual. This may damage the glass carousel. Too much heating may also damage the tray. You should also be careful when putting the food in. it may spill out if the surface is too hot. 

Finally, no matter what the size of the browning tray is, you should always wear mitts. This will protect your hands when handling the food. 

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