Worlds Biggest Horse

What is the World’s Biggest Horse?

The world’s biggest horse is a playful Clydesdale named Remington based in Dallas, North Texas. This giant of a horse weighs 3,000 pounds and 80 inches tall – easily making it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Tallest Living Horse on earth.

Remington’s owner, Cheryl Davis, hurt her foot when the horse accidentally stepped on it. She wore an orthopedic boot until the day they received news that he’d made the world record. Davis waited patiently for the record keeping company to make their report. She kept Remington’s fans updated through a humorous blog made for him. Davis joked she would not display the world record certificate in the barn, lest the mischievous horse ate it.

Remington’s trainer is Bunny Morrissey. Both owner and trainer describe the horse as playful, mischievous and clumsy, often breaking things due to his immense size. They created a blog to narrate his life to the public, entitling it “Remington’s Adventures.”

Who Was the Previous Record Holder for the World’s Biggest Horse?

The previous record holder was a draft horse from Belgium named Radar. Radar held the title of World’s Tallest Horse from 2004 to just September 21, 2009. He is owned by Prefect Ranch Equipment and lives in Mount Pleasant, Texas. He is 79.5 inches tall, just half an inch shorter than Remington.

New Contender for World’s Biggest HWorlds Biggest Horseorse Record

Another Clydesdale, this time based in Great Britain, may vie for the title in the future. Just 4 years old, Dagger already stands 6 feet and 6 inches tall from the ground to the highest point of his back. From the end of his tail to the tip of his ears, he measures 8 feet and 5 inches. With his head up, he is 9 feet tall. And he still has a lot of growing up left to do. As of 2008 he was as tall as Cracker, a Linconshire based in Tennessee.

Dagger had a hard life starting out. His first owners could no longer care for him. They were forced to give him up to an equine shelter, the International League for the Protection of Horses who took Dagger to their farm in Aboyne, Scotland. He is now cared for by farm owner Eileen Gillen and handler Lisa McFarlane.

Dagger weighs almost 2,000 pounds, has the appetite of three horses, and eats nearly 50 pounds of food and drinks 20 or more gallons of water in a single day. Dagger likes to be fed apples and carrots by human visitors who like to marvel at the huge animal. His handler and owners give him a chocolate muffin for a treat.

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