How Large is a B Sized Egg?

The size of a grade B egg varies. The proceeding information is applicable to eggs in the United States. In other places, other methods are used for sizing and classifying eggs.

How Eggs are Weighed

The smallest possible weight for B eggs is peewee at 15 ounces. The small size is 18 ounces. For the egg to be classified as medium, it must be 21 ounces. The large size is 24 ounces while the extra large is 27 ounces. The jumbo size is 30 ounces. These figures are based on the weight of 12 eggs. The US sizes are not specified by weighing a single egg.

Characteristics of B Eggs

The egg cover interior is noted for its wide area. The whites are watery and weak. The white is not thick. The thin white is spread out at a thin layer. The egg yolk is flat and big. These eggs are typically not sold in the market. The B is the lowest in quality. The shell can be stained and misshapen.

Characteristics of Grade AA and Grade A Eggs

An AA’s egg cover encompasses a small area. The yolk is round and is free from flaws. The white is small and thin. The grade A’s insides cover a medium part. The white is noted for its firmness. The white is thick. The thin white is somewhat thin.

Use In Cooking

No matter what the size of a grade B egg is, they are not recommended for cooking. Some eggs are not graded, and it is best to avoid those. In terms of quality, the AA is the best. It can be used in various recipes, but it is most ideal for poaching and frying.
However, A is all right too.

Unlike the B eggs, the AA and A eggs will have good shapes when broken down. The eggs will not spread out too much when fried. If you tried the same with B eggs, it will spread too much when fried.

If you try to poach them, the white will float off. As a rule, the A is more suited for hard cooking. The AA eggs are of the highest quality. But due to the small air cells, peeling can be difficult and tricky.

The quality and size of a grade B egg makes it unsuitable for cooking. Even so, this egg variant is used in the production of some egg related products.

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