Jack Daniel’s Bottles Dimensions

One of the most popular and best-selling liquors in the world today, Jack Daniel’s is a special brand of whiskey that was invented in Tennessee. It is easily identified for its black label and square bottles. It is manufactured by Jack Daniel Distillery, which is found within the City of Lynchburg in Tennessee. Many people love its distinctively fine taste and pleasant aroma, which separate it from other first-class alcoholic beverages. Aside from these facts, there are more to learn about it including the different Jack Daniel’s bottles dimensions.

The Dimensions of Jack Daniel’s Bottles

Although Jack Daniel’s bottles come in various shapes and sizes, a standard bottle can hold up 750 milliliters or whiskey, which is equivalent to 25 fluid ounces. Aside from this regular-sized bottle, there are also smaller variations, one of which has a capacity of 350 milliliters or 11 fluid ounces. Likewise, you can also find a version with a capacity of 375 millimeters or 12 fluid ounces. If you are looking for a bigger bottle, you can easily buy one that has a capacity of 1.75 liters, the equivalent of which is about 59.17 fluid ounces.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

American distiller Jasper Newton Daniel, whose nickname was Jack, invented the Tennessee whisky called Jack Daniel’s. He is of Scottish and Scots-Irish descent, whose grandfather emigrated to the U.S. from England. Based on historical accounts, he did not marry and never had children. Because of this, his nephew named Lem Motlow worked under him. Greatly skilled with numbers, Motlaw performed all the bookkeeping inside the distillery. In 1947, he passed on the distillery to his five children.

In 1910, a prohibition law in Tennessee was passed that prevented the distillation of the whiskey. For this reason, Motlow decided to move the distillery to other locations, one of which was in Birmingham, Alabama, while the other was in Saint Louis Missouri. In 1911, Daniel died from blood poisoning. It started from a toe infection, which he acquired after he kicked his safe.

During World War II and a few years after, the government banned the production of whiskey all throughout the United States. Its production was resumed only some time in 1947, thanks to the availability of good quality corn.

Also referred to as sour mash, Tennessee whiskey is filtered using sugar maple charcoal placed inside big wooden vats. Jack Daniel’s products are bottled with 40 percent alcohol volume, which is 80 proof based on U.S. standards since October 2004. The major reason behind this move is that many customers want lower proof whiskey.

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