Bed Pillow Sizes

The following bed pillow sizes are the ones used in the United States. Those used in other countries may be somewhat different from these measurements.

Standard Sizes

The standard size is 20” by 26” to 21 by 31”. The queen size is 20” by 30” to 22” by 34” and the king size is 20” by 36”. In the US, the 26” square pillow is called “European”.

The bolsters refer to a pillow that has the same length as the bed. The diameter is 9”. Some bolsters are about 12” high. There are also body pillows measuring 20 x 60 or 20 x 72 inches. These are often used by pregnant women.

Other Types of Pillows

These include neck rolls, anti-snore pillows and bed rests. But unlike bed pillow sizes, the dimensions are not standardized.

Pillowcases and Throw Pillows

The standard size is 20” by 30” to 22” by 30”. The queen size is 22” by 34” and the king size is 20” by 40” to 22” by 40”. The standard throw pillow measures 14” by 14”. The floor pillow usually measures 24” by 24”.

How to Choose the Right Size

This will depend on the bed dimensions. The standard pillow is best suited for twin beds. For queen beds, two queen size pillows will do well. Two king pillows are frequently used with the king bed. This rule isn’t set in stone.

If you like to snuggle, get a large pillow regardless of the bed dimensions. Alternatively, you can get several standard pillows instead. You may for example, use four to six standard pillows for king size beds. Most five star hotels have four king pillows for a queen bed.

Pillows and Sleeping Habits

A flat bed pillow is a good choice for those who sleep on their back. Others are designed for those who sleep on their stomach or side.


If it is filled with foam, it should be firm and keep the shape. The down pillow is softer and squishes. Those with polyester have are also popular. Some have feathers or foam. Others are enveloped with a soft down. Majority of them are hypo-allergenic. This means people with allergies can use them without worry.

Whatever the bed pillow sizes you choose, make sure that it is one you are comfortable with. There are many types out there. The best way to find out is to simply try as many as possible.

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