How Big is a Jumbo Egg?

The jumbo egg size varies from country to country. In the US, it is when the mass per egg is more than 2.5 oz. or 71 g. The following are the sizes in other countries. All countries that use the jumbo label reserve it for their biggest eggs.

Jumbo Eggs in Other Countries

In Canada, an egg qualifies as a jumbo if the mass per egg is 70 g or greater. There is no jumbo in Europe. The biggest are called very large, 73 g and higher. In Australia, the biggest are 68 g and over.

In Western Australia they are known as Mega or XXXL (17 g). In New Zealand, the jumbo egg size is equal to size 8. This is 68 g minimum mass per egg. The traditional scale in New Zealand is size 0 is the biggest at 75 g and over.

More about Sizes

The size of the egg determines their grading. This is necessary for selling them. In the US, the eggs are weighed per dozen. Although jumbo is fairly common, the large size is the most prevalent. Using this criterion, the jumbo is equal to a dozen eggs that weigh 30 ounces.

The extra large is equivalent to 27 ounces. The medium is equal to a dozen eggs that weigh 21 ounces. The small and peewee are 18 and 15 ounces respectively. The egg’s shell makes up 11% of the total weight.

Grading Egges

Egg grading is done by the state or with federal supervision. However, states cannot display the USDA grade shield. The highest quality is AA followed by A and B. In the US, all eggs ungraded must at least meet the B specifications.

Externally, the B eggs may have some stains and be misshapen. It is the internal difference that determines the egg freshness regardless of the size. In AA eggs, the air cell cannot be more than 1/8 inch deep.

For grade B eggs, it can be 3/16 inches deep. No matter what the sizes are, the yolk needs to be well defined and firm. The egg white should be clear and thick. Overall, the AA and A are much better than the B eggs.

The jumbo egg sizes may not be as common as the others, but it is also used in cooking. However, you need to be careful when substituting them for large eggs. Because jumbos are larger, it might affect the recipe.

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