What is the Biggest Aircraft?

The biggest aircraft in the world today is the Antonov An-225. Biggest AircraftIt was constructed during the days of the Soviet Union. Only one is operational. The following are its vital statistics.

Dimensions of the Antonov An-225

The Antonov is 275.6 ft long (equal to 84 m) with a height of 59.3 ft (18.1 m). The door alone measures 14.4 x 21 ft or 440 x 640 cm. The payload is 550,000 lbs (or 250,000 kg). The wingspan is an incredible 290 ft 2 in (about 88.4 m).

The wing area is 9,743.7 sq ft (905 sq m). The biggest aircraft in the world has a cargo volume of 46,000 cubic feet and its empty weight is 628,315 lbs (that is 285,000 kg).

The maximum takeoff weight of the Antonov is 1,323,000 lbs or 600,000 kg. Its takeoff run is 11,000 ft (3,500 m). Its performance stats are as follows: the maximum speed is 860 km/h (560 mph or 460 knots).

The cruise speed is 800 km/h (500 mph or 430 knots). The range with max fuel is 15,400 km (9,670 mi). With maximum payload it’s 4,000 km (2,500 mi). Its service ceiling is set at 35,100 ft (11,000 m). The wing loading is 135 sq lbs/ft or 662.9 sq kg/m.

Dimensions of the Airbus 380

The Airbus 380 is one of the biggest aircrafts in the world and is the biggest passenger airliner today. It has a maximum seating capacity of 853 and is 240 ft (73 m) long. It has a wingspan of 261.6 ft (79.75 m). It is 79 ft tall (24.1 m) with a wheelbase of 100 ft (30.4 m).

The outside fuselage width is 23.4 ft (7.14 m) and the cabin is 21.6 ft (6.59 m) wide for the main deck. For the upper deck it is 19.4 ft (5.92 m).

The Airbus 380’s empty operating weight is 610,000 lbs (276,800 kg) with a maximum take off weight of 1,200,000 lbs (about 650,000 kg). The maximum payload is 1,200,000 lbs or 90,800 kg. Its maximum speed is Mach 0.87 (945 km/h or 587 mph). The service ceiling is 43,100 ft (13,115 m).

Dimensions of the Airbus A340

Any discussion of the biggest aircraft in the world will include the Airbus A340, the longest passenger airliner in the world. The A340 -600 HGW has a maximum seating capacity of 380. It is 247 ft long (75.30 m) and has a wingspan of 208 ft 2 in (63.45 m).

The wing area is 4,725 sq ft (439 sq m). Its height is 56 ft 9 in (17.30 m) and the fuselage is 18.5 ft (5.64 m) wide. The empty weight is 390,218 lbs or 177,000 kg. Its maximum takeoff weight is 837,800 lb (380,000 kg). The A350 has a cruising speed of Mach 0.83 or 907 km/h or 564 mph). Its maximum fuel capacity is 54,023 gallons.

With global business and travel booming, the size of the world’s biggest aircrafts will get even larger. Improving technology means there will be bigger and sophisticated airliners flying the skies.

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