Beach Volleyball Court Dimensions

Beach volleyball court dimensions are not the same as in indoor volleyball. In beach volleyball, the court must be 52’6″ x 26’3″ or 16 x 8 meters. Indoor volleyball courts are two meters shorter and a meter narrower. Beach courts are larger because the surface is sand.

The Beach Volleyball Court

The court has no center line. But it has two end lines and two side lines. All the lines are 2 to 3.75 inches / 5 to 8 centimeters wide. Line materials vary. But they are made of strong material. They must also be easy to distinguish from the sand. Beach volleyball court dimensions are known for the oversized sand boundaries.

This is for safety reasons. Organizers want to make sure a player diving for the ball doesn’t hit a rock. The court must have a perimeter measuring three feet around it. In professional play, the perimeter is four meters.

Other Important Measurements

The net is 2.24 meters (7’4 1/8″) high for women and 2.43 meters (7’ll 5/8″) high for men. The sand must be loose compact grains and fine. The depth has to be 40 cm at least. The sand must be uniform. Levels, dips, peaks, valleys and holes are not allowed. This is also for player safety. In addition, the sand must be free of rocks and other debris that may harm the players. The posts have to be smooth and round. Padding is often applied to protect the competitors.

Basic Rules

Two teams with two players each play the game. The net in the middle divides the court. The aim of both teams is to toss the ball over to the opposing side over the net. A team will score once the ball is grounded. Teams are allowed a maximum of three touches before they have to send the ball over the net.

The ball is put into play with a service. This is when a player hits the ball at the back of their own end. It is sent over to the opponents’ side. The rally keeps going until the ball hits the sand. The winner of the rally gets a point. They also serve for the next game.

Beach volleyball court dimensions are strictly adhered to in professional games. However, these rules are usually not enforced in ordinary games at the beach. Ball sizes are just a bit larger than those used in the indoor game.

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